A Monday night game?

Are you guys off work too, today?

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Drone fireworks is/are a real thing.

Oh they call it drone fireworks I've always just known it as a drone light show that makes more sense. Yeah they are pretty intense and for a father with a child who has auditory issues to loud noises they are much preferable too!

p.s. the euphemism comment was definitely me being sarcastic in case you missed that

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The soccer team played Saturday and it takes 48 hours to turn the field around. They should have been scheduled for the Thursday night game.

The CFL has moved away from Sunday games and solid ratings years ago.

I do believe it was due to soccer that the game was on Monday. I believe TFC gets first choice on dates.

Yes that was what people have been saying but thank you. I am not familiar with BMO living out west. As pointed out above the game could have been played on Thursday. I don’t know the answer being unfamiliar as stated, but I would be interested to know how much Toronto soccer drew to BMO on Saturday and what their average attendance is. Do they actually make more than the Argos (if the Argos make anything at all) or do they have the preference to use BMO for other reasons?

23,500 for TFC game Saturday. A bit more than double Mondays Argos game

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Its weird with TFC and the Argos.
TFC by far gets better attendance, but from what i have seen over the years, the Argos game tv ratings tend to do better.
Must have closet argo fans that dont where their jersey outside of their home.

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Maybe more regional fans not in the GTA?

I don't buy that. No way i should take 48 hours. 8 maybe.

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Maybe their union requires 48 to do 8 hours work.


I was thinking of the unions as well if involved, but not like that but it is possible as you state.

Also you have to consider they would have to get a full crew of people out early on a Sunday for a post-game cleaning. That's terribly hard to do on a Sunday on a holiday weekend.

The rates for the work on a weekend would be vastly higher I would think than bright and early Monday morning with a start no later than 6AM.

I don't buy the 48-hours required argument either given this cannot be the only stadium in North America that cannot turn things around within 24 hours of the conclusion of the previous event.


The Red Patch Boys will continue to cry as the Argos rip up their "precious fooball" grassy knoll.


It actually would not have been possible to have played last Thursday, as Toronto FC had a home game last Wednesday too!

And they also had a home game the previous Saturday too, and another one this weekend as well, and again in a couple of Saturdays. The dates were/are: June 25, 29, July 2, 9 and 23.

Attendances are as follows (rounded down):

June 25: 25K
June 29: 21K
July 2: 23K

Also of note, the last two Saturdays have gone head to head with concerts @ Budweiser Stage - just across Lakeshore from BMO Field.

In particular, the last Saturday also had a Jays double header @ the dome. All this on the middle day of the holiday long weekend!

And then FWIW - I believe the entire Exhibition Place grounds is used for that annual car race, which this year is July 15-17.