A moment of sympathy for the Professional Athlete

After reading this article yesterday I developed a new found appreciation for the difficult lives pro athletes must lead. For most of us, a $5 million annual salary would be quite sufficient to realize most of our ambitions for material possessions. But clearly these are big men with even bigger appetites.

Key fact: "60 per cent of retired NBA players go broke five years after their NBA paycheques stop arriving."


Note: For obvious reasons, nothing in this article is even remotely applicable to CFL players.

Man, you have to feel so sorry for these guys who can't make it on the millions they make. Just makes you want to cry. :lol:

do you know how expensive all those cars and diamonds are that these guys have to buy? i really feel for them, i mean so many cars and diamonds, only a few million dollars to spend. boo hoo.

Just goes to show you most NBA players are idiots. I'd be happy with a fleet of 4 cars instead of 8!
When everyone around you tells you how great you are, I guess you start to believe it after a while and get caught up in it.
I wish I had those problems.

I wonder if they put their pants on the same way we do and have to go to the bathroom and that. Hmmmm...

From what I've heard over the years, I think most of NBA players salaries go towards palimony cases and child support.

What a shocking and incredibly sad story. To think of the good all that money could be used for instead of greed and narcissism. The sixty percentile figure sounds familiar to the high percentage of lottery winners in the same predictament. Our society is losing its sense of priorities and values in our materialistic, self-absorbed culture.

The stats for how many lottery winners go broke within a few years is probably even more shocking. It's just a reflection of our society being built around our addictions for material nonsense. It's too bad that our economy and society would crumble without these addictions.

Whats most disturbing to me is that The Star felt the need to print this story. And that I felt the need to read it.

Stories like this help validate my personal stance about not paying hundreds of dollars to attend "big league" sporting events, knowing that the high price is necessary to support the obscenely highly paid players, as well as mega-rich owners. Good for them if they can get it, but I personally will never be a source of $$ for them, and I struggle to understand those who are happy to do it.

This is actually part of the allure of the CFL to me. If you can't take your family to an affordable and enjoyable sporting event, then what exactly is the point of having sporting events, other than corporate graft?