A Modest Proposal to Increase Fan Interest & Retain Players

We all know that the high turnover in rosters affects fan interest- especially that of the casual fan. With the rise of the AAF we may see even more turnover.

Back 30+ years ago the league allowed imports to “become designated as Canadian players” after staying in the league for from 5-7 years. (I can’t remember the exact number of years.) That policy encouraged teams to take care of such players as it helped them with the ratio.

But those players began to be expensive because they gave such roster flexibility and some people objected to the loss of an opening that would give to a genuine Canadian player.

Could we bring that system back WITH A CHANGE? How about you get that roster status only if the player remains with the same team for - say 4 or 5 years. This would encourage the team to keep the player AND the player to stick with the team because once they had that status their value on the open market would jump.

I’m going to ask this question on the main board as well. Pick away at it because I may just be nuts.

I answered on the main page thread.

A Modest Proposal to Retain Players and Increase fan Interest

I think guys like John Barrow and Angelo Mosca, among many others, took advantage of that rule, and stayed on to become part of the community.

Maybe they should have to take on Canadian citizenship in addition to league status? Become a bona fide Canadian citizen, play as a NAT. If it becomes a problem, the league could limit the number, via a ratio similar to the INT/NAT ratio.

The problem with that, as Burris found out, is that playing football isn't considered a year-round job, so doesn't qualify the player for citizenship.

Canada , like the HTC, needs Sinkfield.

Did not know that. Certainly puts the boot to my idea.

It can be rigged that they have an off season job ( salary ) . Then they can over step this hurdle with a little book keeping and some off season appearances .

The cba would love it .

Off-season appearances don’t seem to qualify, for some reason. Burris did that, but still was ineligible until he retired and got a full-time job in broadcasting. Ridiculous rule.

Off-season jobs might work, but they’d need to get a work visa, and might be limited to certain jobs where there’s a shortage of Canadian workers, or in the entertainment business. Can’t remember the exact rule, and it may have changed under the new USMCA.

Definitely think the rules need some changes, and I like this idea. I’ve thought about it this past year as well, tweaking the salary cap rules to include either Designated Players like MLS does, by either not counting CDN players against the cap, or simply having a CDN salary cap and an Import salary cap. All options I think would work.

I get frustrated as a fan seeing CDN players make A LOT more than US players who are arguably much better but there is a premium on them because of the ratio rules so they get priority cap money. League loses here because talent level drops. Sure if you adjust the cap system you don’t want to run into issues with financial management of the team resulting in bankruptcy as we have seen in the past, but if the league has financially responsible owners then we would have to hope they can manage their budgets.

I realize none of this would likely happen but interesting to think about.

Seymour? We haven't seen you around in a while. ;D

There’s a whole other thread complaining about ratio...why this one too?

Sing a new song?

Ummm… Lenny, did you read the thread? It isn’t one complaining about ratio. It relates to ratio in that it talks tangentially about the status of players.

Yes I read the thread. Essentially it does come across as a statement against a ratio system because salaries Canadians are higher and in you’re opinion they could be inferior with respect to talent. I don’t dispute that the ratio has salary implications but I’m good with it to give the few(and getting fewer) Canadian kids a chance. There are true gems who wouldn’t get a look no matter how good they are because of the perception of inferiority.

In what way did I ever mention the superiority or inferiority of types of players? I started this tread in hope of stimulating ways to increase roster stability to assist with fan interest. If you got that out of my original post then I am both bemused, chagrined, and willing to set the record straight by unequivocally declaring my intent for this thread! :slight_smile:

In past threads on this and the main board I have clearly stated my approval for various methods of boosting Canadian content. Roster stability and Canadian content are not mutually exclusive propositions nor does tweaking one preclude protecting the other.

Point taken...my apologies for misinterpreting your post. My apologies.

Lenny. A true Canadian. Defends Canadian talent and apologizes TWICE in the same line. ;D

Never fear… I’m here… always watching, monitoring what is put up on this forum, especially where the ratio is involved.

I know that the topic of the ratio will invariably surface again and again because, for many reasons, it is an inherently problematic approach. I always chuckle when people attempt to invent “crutches” in an effort to prop up or mask the growing problems with a rule that forces teams to populate 40% of their rosters with players who are selected by passport and not by talent. There is no “band-aid” solution that is going to overcome the fundamentally debilitating effects of such a rule on the quality of the on-field product.
Pretending that an international player is actually a national simply creates another category of player and, in turn, brings its own set of problems and failures which is why that brainstorm was dropped years ago.

If you want the CFL to be the best it can be, you must let the best players play and the more Canadians who can meet the standard, the better.

Thank you sir and many blessings to you!

(And to drive some others crazy… let’s increase the number of Canadians. No… I didn’t say that. Not on this thread. This thread is NOT about that topic.)

Roster stability. THAT’s the topic. Hey Seymour… go start your own thread you bully!!! ;D

CFL: "Diversity is our Strength!"

CFL (whisper voice): "unless you're the 21st international. Then, not so much.

As always, virtue signaling slides into hypocrisy.

Personally, I thought that Lenny’s comment was directed at Ticatsfan25’s post, which started to take this thread down the “let’s eliminate or at least reduce the ratio” path. Nothing wrong with the thread itself.

At least not as it was originally proposed.