A Modest Proposal: Shaw Cup.

The first annual Shaw Cup will be played in Edmonton late in the afternoon on Sunday, November 25. Following the game, a large trophy, heretofore known as the Grey Cup, will be awarded to a team from the western division of the CFL. It will likely be handed from commissioner Randy Ambrosie to any of the following: Mike O’Shea of Winnipeg, Chris Jones of Saskatchewan, or Jim Barker of TSN. John Hufnagel and Dave Dickenson will be glimpsed fighting in the parking lot after the game over the matter of cyber-bullying. The Montreal Alouettes and Toronto Argonauts will have long since left the country, most likely in the direction of Green Bay and Minnesota. Andrew Wetehall and Dave Braley will be seen watching Dallas and New England while the Shaw Cup plays faintly on Sirius Radio.

Ottawa, Hamilton, and B.C. will resume watching the Senators, Leafs, and Canucks.

Way to go, CFL. Call it what it is: The 1st Annual Shaw Cup. Make it the likeness of Doug Mitchell.

Why? Why not the Trojan condoms or Folders or something.

I personally find it horrid that someone would want to essentially sell the championship. Do you see the other NA pro sports doing this? IMO it is super insulting to the championship and a slap and disrespectful to the legacy of Earl Grey’s wonderful gift.

This is not “modest” at all. “modest” is “Shaw Road to the Grey Cup”

And why would this b e awarded to the west? Have you missed the past couple championship games? Are you actually trying to be serious and don’t realize how many people this insults or are you just trolling?

Further…there is already a “Shaw Cup”

The should just call it the Calgary Stampeder Invitational

And award it to the team that plays the Stamps. 8)

The Calgary Stampeder Invitational ?? So what is that ? a golf tournament ? ;D

It seems the posters in this thread are not Swiftreaders.

It's a football game Calgary plays in most years

I read pretty fast

And loses regularly. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have no idea if this is an attempt at humour, a sarcastic diatribe, or a commentary on the state of the CFL, but it seems to fail in all three of those.