A moderating experiment

Hi Everyone,

We are trying a new approach to reducing personal conflict on the Tiger-Cats forum. We have added some of you to each other's "ignore" list on your profiles. In one case I have added two of you to each other "mute" list. We don't know exactly how the mute feature will function. Ideally, you will never see the posts of the person who has been muted.

As a courtesy, I have PM'd a number of you where these features have been added. I have to get back to my day job so I know I have missed a couple of notifications. You should be able to check if someone has been added to your ignore or mute list on your profile. Please do NOT delete these names. We are keeping track of who is on who's list. If you get into conflict with someone and you've removed them from your ignore list - then you can expect a time-out.

I am member of another non-football forum where I ignore two members and it works like magic. We don't know how well ignore or mute will work here. We are starting with ignore and will try out mute as well. The goal is reduced conflict by avoiding people you generally disagree with.

PM me if you have questions or concerns.


GCF on behalf of the Mods


Sorry - meant to not have an open debate on the forum. The thread will be locked, and again, please feel free to PM me or any of the other mods.