a minor safety logistics problem

I've noticed at a number of TiCat games this year that only 1 of the 2 Balsam St gates are open at the end of the game.

This leads to thousands of fans trying to squeeze thru one "small" opening (usually the leftmost gate when exiting). Friday had someone (security or a resourceful fan?) opening up half the other gate which helped alleviate the crush, if even a little.

With the gates swinging inward, it would be a catastrophe if ever there was a real emergency, a quick evacuation was needed and only 1 gate was open.

Why has only 1 of 2 gates been used at games end when opening 2 (full) gates makes more sense for safety, convenience and as a means of egress?


We joked that they're not used to having that many people still there at the end of the game, but I do agree that it was a bit of a problem.

Thats really like any game ie. ACC Raptors or Leafs are like that at the end of a game and the same with the Jays at the Dome.

This has been a complaint of mine at IWS for years.

Every gate should be W I D E open to let people out to the street.

We look like cattle being herded to the slaughter house. (Insert joke here).

In addition,

Sheet metal wall at the top of section 29 is hanging by a few screws. Celebratory banging from last game did a number on an already weak wall. Someone better tighten her up before someone falls to their deaths at Brian Timmins Stadium.

I think it is so nobody can get in.

Good thread, longtimetcfan. There was only one gate open on the Melrose Avenue side of the stadium as well. There should be two open gates at each side of the stadium to allow safe egress: it would only take the security staff an extra thirty seconds to open the gates near the end of the game and close them after the crowd leaves.

Anyone who has gone to Montreal for a game will agree 100% that even with only one gate on either side of the stadium open it is still easier then leaving a game in montreal.

But please, lets open 2 gates, we paid our money to get it, the least you can do is let us out faster, so we can get to the car to hear the 5th quarter.