A "Mini" Grey Cup to the victor?

It is unbelievable what is happening with the Lions, Als and Bombers. Any one of these three teams could still make the playoffs. The Als could make it in the crossover. The Lions and Winnipeg are still in the running for 3rd place. Who would have thought at possible?

I keep expecting the Lions to win and they keep coming up with creative way to lose the game. The Lions could have put the game away against the Esks this past weekend when it was 1st and goal to goal on the Eskie's one yard line. But nope. It wasn't meant to be. The Lions' ball carrier fumbles and the Esks run it back 40 yards!

Winnipeg had an opportunity to improve their chances of taking 3rd place but Ottawa was too strong. The Bombers made it interesting by getting late TDs but too little too late.

The Als saw what happened with the Lions and the Bombers but the players were not on the same page. Glenn made his debut as an Alouette and you gotta feel sorry for the guy. Some of his passes were on the money but his receivers kept dropping the ball. It did not help Glenn's pass completion total.

Why do I headline this thread, "A mini-Grey Cup to the victor"?

Because from the Bombers, Lions, and Als bench every game has become a playoff game. The team that actually does take the 3rd and final spot in the west should be awarded a mini-Grey Cup filled with Gatorade!

Usually that would mean that if you lose you're out. These teams seem to be able to stay in the playoff hunt no matter how many times they lose.

The mini Grey Cup received should be filled with vinegar and water for the Douche Cup. The top of the trophy could have a statue of JC Watts that represents the most undeserving playoff team to ever get to a Grey Cup. lower on the trophy you could have a statue of Auldi Henry blocking a punt for the most undeserving Grey Cup victory.

Lol...That's good stuff there, Bungle.

Funny story, I was at the CFHOF on it's last day and saw that there was a replica miniature Grey Cup made for some team way back in the 50s. I'll see if I took a picture of it.

Well what the Hey !!! Why just one Cup ? How about one for each team ? It's been awhile since the league has had 3 teams as BAD as these 3 having a Turtle race to the finish. Is it possible that a team with a 5-13 record could actually make the playoffs this year ? :oops: Maybe it's just me but it seems like these three teams the way they're playing DON'T want to make the playoffs this year and are doing everything in their power to ensure that they don't qualify as if their life's depended on it.


OR.................We can just award the team that finally falls Ass backward into that final Playoff spot the coveted Turtle Trophy Cup :lol: :cowboy: 8)


Ah yes, the troubles of a 9 team league. You can be 3-13 and your still not out of it. Oh well

Found it, and turns out it was for the Alerts, back in the 10s, the 1910s specifically. I guess back then, they made them for the team to keep in their trophy room.


If a winning team cant beat a 3-15 team for the grey cup ,does not deserve to be there either.

It would be a simple solution.. You could have a rule that 8 wins were needed to qualify. The playoffs should be fluid in that they would be able to accommodate anywhere from 4 to 6 teams.. This year would see 5 teams with the Stampeders most likely getting the sole bye. Having a 6-12 record and qualifing(very likely) is a joke


I think the even better solution is just get more teams.