a message from Ti-Cats owner

Getting Better All The Time
Dec 21, 2005 - 09:37 AM

Bob Young is back with his latest owner's... err... caretaker's update. Intrigued? Keep reading. Bob also discusses the 2005 season and the team's latest moves.

Getting Better All The Time.

Wow. Sure looks like Katz and company are working hard. Jason Maas is a great quarterback and even more impressive as a leader and human being. Joe Paopao was a great quarterback, and is also more impressive as a leader and human being. (Joe also happens to be an outstanding coach!)

I knew these guys wanted to win (Greg Marshall, Ron Lancaster, Craig Smith, Rob Katz and Christopher Dean) but I didn't realize just how badly. Understanding that Jason would have been a valuable asset to every team in the CFL and Joe can definitely coach on almost any teams staff, congratulations to Rob and the rest of our football personnel who made both these deals happen.

I am really looking on with great anticipation after I read Rob’s quote (thanks to our friends at The Spectator) after the trade. “This is only the beginning of a very busy off-season in Hamilton,� Katz continued. “We are going to take an aggressive approach to improve all areas of this football team.�

Sounds exciting!

2005 - A Pretty Good Year

Well, believe it or not, 2005 was one of the best years in the recent history of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club.

You don't believe me? Well how about I tell you the team finished with a record of 5-13 and yet our great fans continued to fill the stadium at a record pace! Hamilton can take pride in the fact that we are indeed a football city passionate about our team, our sport and our league.

Or how about: after an 0-8 start, the team did not quit. In fact we continued to build – trying to establish long-term success but also managed to win five of our last 10 games. (An impressive stat considering the task.)

Most of all, 2005 was a great year because we again recognized as an organization we have both strengths and weakness’. Some of the lessons we learn are real obvious. Other ones have to jump up and bite us in the butt several times before we catch on. However, I am confident that we continue to learn from our mistakes and grow as an organization, delivering a better product each and every time you walk through the gates.

Some of our trials and tribulations you can read about in the Spectator daily, or on Ticats.ca or by listening to CH TV or CHML 900 Radio, but let me tell you about one of them you might not have heard…

We've appointed a new Owner!

No seriously, we have appointed a new owner. In fact, at last count we had over 500,000 owners and counting. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are a 136 year-old tradition and we as fans have every intention to see it become a 260 year-old tradition. This ability we have as a group to ensure the longevity of our team, combined with the fact that it is the fans that possess the passion to keep us moving forward as an organization truly emphasizes that we are all owners in this thing.

As for the old owner, we're demoting him to Caretaker.

As your new Caretaker, I am excited to inform you that we have dramatic improvements in the works for 2006. These range from improvements to your football team to improvements to the great game day experience and of course to the security in the stadium.

However, as we insisted in 2004 we intend to be the first Ontario-based CFL team in recent memory to win the Grey Cup and make a profit in the same year. You want a team that you know will be representing Hamilton in the Grey Cup not only this year, but in one hundred years from now. Well, with the organization that we are starting to build and the support we continue to receive from our loyal fans – we expect this goal to become a reality very soon.

One of our goals as an organization (both on and off the field) is to strengthen our relationships with the city, the local businesses and all of the great charities supporting many different worthwhile causes found around Hamilton.

Just one important new project that will require the full support of every organization across our community will be the ongoing rejuvenation of Tiger-Cat Stadium, er… Civic Stadium, er... Ivor Wynne, over the next few years.

As your Caretaker, I am thrilled to be a part of this. As the owners - we are counting on your pride in your team to ensure the Tiger-Cats ongoing success.

Congratulations on your promotion to "owner", and thanks,


(ps. To be clear and to avoid confusion: this whole Owner to Caretaker thing? It is really just a title change. :wink:)

funny thing i read at roughriders website:http://riderville.com/

Question: Why is CFL Commissioner Tom Wright always one step away from losing his position, despite the exemplary job he's done since taking over at the 2002 Grey Cup?

Answer: Because Edmonton's Hugh Campbell, B.C.'s David Braley and Hamilton's Bob Young don't want to be told how to run their teams. It's unclear whether Wright is trying to do that or not, but we know he is trying to get salaries under control, and improve league parity. No one can argue the job Wright's done with getting greater exposure for the CFL, increasing sponsorships, and restoring respectability.

Who knows if these are indeed the correct answers to these burning questions, but that's what I've been able to discern in discussions with CFL-types since the Grey Cup.

And if not, we may never know the answers.

Add Bob Wetemhall from Mtl to owners list that "hates" Wright.

whats his beef?..u know?

This is just a gut reaction, very gut, but here I go:

If it is true that Bob Young doesn't see that Tom Wright is the right, pardon the pun, person for the job, then he should be replaced. Bob Young is a close to billionaire that is a visionary type person. How he brought the TiCats out from under close to extinction is somewhat of a miracle. I would have much more faith in someone who ventured out in the business world, particularly computers, and make a ton of money rather than someone as, what appears to me, to be someone just nice and conservative as Tom Wright. Yes, he shows an excellent image but I don't think he is a visionary at all, and I'm not so sure he knows business. He just looks like a nice man to me, and this won't cut it in the long run in today's sports business world, unless the advertisers demand he stay on because he is has a nice guy conservative image.
Now I'm not saying Bob Young knows everything, he admits he is learning the football business, but this guy learns fast, he is no dumb bunny for sure.

if Bob Young doesnt like Mr. Wright, i'd like to hear Bobs suggestions on improving the league.....all i hear is whining with no productive ideas.

Yes but drumming, he probably has to watch what he says to the media as this could be perceived as being a real shi* disturber and sometimes doing this accomplishes nothing. Again, Bob is a smart man from what I see and he will probably play his cards when he thinks it is appropriate.

And All I see is him allowing a stupid ass trade that hurt the CFL.
Yes Bob Young did bring some good things into the league (mostly his money) but he is trying to become a good ol' boy way too soon.

But remember Billy, he has a ton of money. This does count, like it or lump it. The CFL doesn't exactly have a lot of these owners the last time I looked.

why doesnt Bob just make his suggestions to Mr.Wright, and let Wright take care of it???

until i hear his suggestions....its tom wright and his PROVEN track record vs Bob young, who hasn't even said his idea.

i know bob is mad about the tv contract...but what can u do about that until the next tv deal comes up?....

Who knows drumming. I hear you. We'll see what happens over the next year or so I guess.

Tom Wright obviously has his strengths, since he has brought on SO MANY corporate sponsors, attendance is at a high, along with media exposure and tv ratings.

Bob Young must know something, cuz hes a self made millionaire who's brought the Ti-cats back from the grave.

i think they should work together to make this league better....

but if Bob's main beef is he doesnt want a salary cap, then he's in the wrong.

Well, I would agree about the salary cap thing if this is a sticking point. IMO there should be one of some sort especially with community owned teams for sure.

All I know is how Tom Wright is the "face" of stability and credibility for the league. Where once not too long ago the league was being laughed at by major corporate sponsors, now these sponsors are falling over themselves to be a part of the only league in any sport that has enormous growth possibility. Let's not allow these three owners to turn back time by making the league a laughing stock. Sign TW to a long term contract.