A message from Jalen Saunders

Wow.... So called fans on this board rip the players, rip the coach, rip the GM and the Owner almost continuously. A player (A very good player) asks for a little support and he is raked over the coals. Can you spell H Y P O C R I T E. You ever hear of the 12th man? The fans can make a positive difference....

Unfortunately, so many Hamilton fans are like this. They’re very passionate about their team, which is great, but when he team is losing... it can get ugly.

I’m with Saunders on this. It’s one thing to comment about how the team played, but posts like “THE OFFENSE STINKS? “CUT MASOLI, HE’S AWFUL? “FIRE JONES?... they don’t add anything constructive. I understand some people get overly emotional after a loss (did anyone else listen to the Sheldon Saskatchewan fan after they lost to Montreal? That was pretty funny.), but this is our team and we should try to keep things criticisms constructive and not personal.

Totally agree. Great posts, SeaFiddle and TheCrazyCatLady.

Jalen's frustrated . He has earned that right. The guy has been playing really well . Losing stinks ! The players feel it more than the fans . We , the fans, have to put on our big boy/girl pants and calm down . Look on the bright side . We could beLA Charger fans, or Jet fans, Chief fans, Bill fans, etc, ... .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

  1. Exactly !!! We pay his salary, and he has the nerve to call us out for the teams pathetic display
    for the last 3 games ?? He needs to grow up and act like a professional !!! :-[ :-[

weird, I would have thought his output last game (including hauling in the only TD of the game, and seemingly being open for 4 more that Masoli couldn't or wouldn't pull the trigger on)

He's internalizing, cares about the team, feelings hurt. Sounds kinda like us.

Maybe just call this one even and stop paying everyone's salary, you're only one man.

Where you from Seafiddle?
There is 20000 (give or take) fans every home game id call that giving a lot more than a little support no? Cheering on the defence cheering on good plays including JS when he scored a touchdown not good enough either?

Honestly Fans didn't really boo until the last 2 plays of the game. And there was plenty to boo at.

No one not even Bob young gets to tell the fans how to be fans .

Wanna know what works best to soothe over frustrated fans? Not coming out and bitching about the fans.

With about 4 minutes left, Jalen chirped a lady in the front row because she mildly showed displeasure with the brutal first 58 minutes of the game - the lady is a die hard season ticket holder and I don’t know why he persisted to chirp back at her but he had no business having his nose in the stands. It was classless. He wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes at Ivor Wynne Stadium He would have gotten ripped. The lady looked upset after and did not move the rest of the game. I don’t know what his problem was but between him and Speedy’s sulking, they better turn this thing around or this is going to spread like cancer throughout the locker room. He did have a great last 2 minutes after but he had no business spending as much time as he did yapping back at the crowd. He needs to act like a pro a little more and keep his nose facing the field.

probably also frustrated settling for a field goal at the 6 minute rather than a TD to a very wide open Saunders the play before

Smart players don't engage lippy fans, but why don't you tell us exactly what this woman said? In my experience, a lot of adult Ticat fans act like bratty kids giving strangers the finger out the back window of their parents' car.

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Yeah, what does “mildly showed displeasure? even mean? Did you hear or see exactly what she did? Because, for example, yelling “BOO, YOU ALL SUCK!? is more than mildly showing displeasure. To me, that would be a headshake or sitting with your arms crossed, and for both of those I doubt Saunders would even be able to see a fan do that because it’s quite subtle.

He said she "mildly showed displeasure."

So, I'm thinking … a prolonged and audible sigh. Or maybe she shook her head back and forth a few times. Threw her hands up in the air? Or said "Oh, come on" in a slightly raised voice.

When someone is intentionally vague about how a confrontation started, it's usually because their trying to underplay the culpability of the party that started it.

It's not just the losing, it's the way they've lost. The last 3 games have been atrocious. It's the Manziel trade. It's the bungling of the Bomben trade and Chapman non signing. It's the repeated coaching mistakes. It's the 0-8 start from 2017, the mirage of a turnaround in the second half against weaker opponents, and now being 2-4 to start this year. It's the disappointment of finding our franchise QB in Collaros after years of searching, only to have that end spectacularly after 1.5 years.

The fans love and support the team, but we're allowed to gripe, especially on a message board of all places.

Given the above, I don't think those that complain are overreacting.

I much prefer a realistic fan that criticizes when warranted versus one that blindly follows and never questions things.

Again, there’s a difference between being critical and being disrespectful.

I enjoy reading people’s post game thoughts, win or lose. Post and pre-game discussion might actually be more interesting to me than watching games. I listen to a few CFL podcasts, I read almost every cfl/tsn/3down article.

What I DON’T think is necessary is bashing and berating the team (or worse, particular players) after every loss or calling for people to be fired or cut after a bad game. The worst though is that some people seem to almost go silent when we win and only show up to complain, almost as though they want us to lose so they have something to complain about.

It's because their ego takes a hit. In the past, when the Cats go on mini winning streaks, the forum dies down considerably. The Negative Nellies crawl back to their holes.

Apparently from past comments made by Tiger-Cats management it's more about the total entertainment package delivered at Tim Horton's Field?

At one time football in Hamilton was about only one thing, WINNING!! Not anymore and at least not for awhile, at least not since we opened this stadium and had our opening win streak at home.

The days of Steeltown Pride or Hamilton Strong are gone, many Ti-Cat greats who have now passed would rolling over to what has happened to this team now.

Good teams find ways to win, Regina did, Ottawa did on the weekend, why not Hamilton?

So Jalen this isn't about you, you actually stepped up to the plate to demonstrate some pride and feelings for your team but as a team, you must play as a team and not just one or a few committed to winning but every player, every coach, remember Mike is watching and he deserves a win every time!!


Ya I'd agree with that in general. I don't pay close enough attention to see if it's repeat customers.

I thought Saunders played his ass off. He was a bit too worked up - hence the late hit after the interception.

I don't mind a player who cares spouting off - it's part of the charm of the CFL that you get to interact with players.

Once at the end of another loss at IWS I caught Medlock's eye on the sideline and said "what happened!?" and he shrugged and mouthed "I don't know". I love that about the CFL. My guess is that if that lady is a longtime STH she's a tough bird and she'll be back.