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Stick with us man I’m sick of hearing of people voicing opinions we dont show up to your job determining what you’re good or bad at correct alright so be a fan of the team u chose thru thick and thin. If anything pray for positive spirits. Everything is based off hate why?!?
6:00 PM - 28 Jul 2018

I am disappointed and somewhat frustrated, but I am hanging in and hoping for a turn around

Jalen, nobody pays to come and watch me at my job.

If the fans are getting to the players we're in trouble.

Yah we will pray .that should help lol

And no one hates the team it’s frustration

How long has jalen been in the cfl for? I’m assuming he doesn’t know the history of the tigercats very well

I don't think anything is based off hate here. Ticat fans are passionate and are simply frustrated.

That's a good thing actually. It means we care, a fan base that didn't care would not bother commenting, would not show up to games. You don't want an apathetic fan base.

Jalen, ticat fans will cheer you and support you better than any other fanbase, but we'll also let you know when we're not happy.

With yesterday's game, I thought the crowd took it easy on them. It wasn't until the final drive sack that we finally booed em good.

Good point. Can you imagine if JF was still the backup?

I would agree, it wasn't until the last sack that everybody's frustration came out.

It's frustration, Jalen, not hate. With the team's performance and record you would be getting the same fan reaction in any other professional sport or city. You guys need to own it and improve. We're behind you.

I heard a couple ironic “we want johnny” chants from one or two fans.

This is the thing after the trade. No more excuses, the team needs to go out and demonstrate it was the right move. They invited the controversy to continue with yesterday’s showing.

I think Jalen is just showing the same frustration as the fans who were chanting for Johnny or were booing. And there is a kernal of truth in what he says. I thought Jalen played well, and the stats show him 8/8 on targets/receptions.

Give him a day or two to re-group.

Saunders played great. He is our best receiver.

And he's right about the negativity. I can name at least three regular posters on this board who have communicated scathing criticisms of certain Ticat players over several different threads almost every day, but especially right after losses.

Instead of venting with your keyboard, relax. This team will learn from these close losses.

The TSN panel was discussing the Ticat loss after the game and pointed out that Hamilton lost basically because they kept making mental errors/shooting themselves in the foot. Everyone knows that Hamilton has talented players. It's just a matter of time before it all comes together.

I'm frustrated, too, butthings will eventually turn around.

this team has been a joke for the last 10 plus years, probably 15 years now.

spending my $$$ to come out and buy season tickets each year to watch this crap unfold on the field each season, despite being told by the owner, GM, and coaches that this team is going to be great, each and every new season :-[

Heard that old worn out tale too many years in a row now ??? ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

Me thinks that Jalen could be sitting up with the fans the next game after possibly getting a 1 gm suspension for his unnecessary and careless head to head spear shot after the Williams int .
At the very least his pocket book will be a little lighter when he gets fined by Mr Ambrosie .

For those of you that might've missed it scroll down in the link from 3DN... All about our stinky offence and how they sunk us......(once again :'()


The whole point of your job Jalen is to win. Everything is based in hate cause we hate losing what isnt understood. Just win and we're good. You had everyone's love when you beat Edmonton and Winnipeg that love wasn't enough for you to win in Saskatchewan.


I thought Saunders played his best game as a Cat yesterday. Great diving catch early on, our only TD catch, and the 50-yarder that gave us "faint hope" at the end of the game.

I like how we have different guys stepping up in different weeks to be the feature receiver. In theory, it should make it tough for defences to concentrate on any one guy. Hopefully CW joins that group as a guy who is capable of burning you.

IMHO, He gets to speak after this effort

A very good point!


But, there's still a lot of truth in what Jalen says. Too many fans are all too often overly negative.
It's as if they're not aware of the bleak mathematics of sport.

You see unlike your job Jalen's job involves someone working at direct cross purposes to what he's trying to do, and those other fellow are very good indeed. Each and every week, Jalen and the Tiger-Cats play a very good highly motivated team, and it's a zero sum game. Whenever one team wins, the other loses. (And there's only one champion at the end of the year.)

Being better than average year after year is therefore statistically improbable. I'm consequently slow to dump on any favourite team.


Jalen does get to speak ,no problem ,we all also get to vent and are all on board with Ti-Cats!

People did pay to watch my last job Jalen , once even Montreals GM K Reed (D-Co-ord here then ?) came to my work and gave me a hard time because I wrote some criticism of his coaching on a forum ,yes he found me and I'll never forget him ,laughing at him after "the trade"..ha ha ...

Lmao trying to Cathy Newman me here with all that other stuff I didn't say eh ..."so what your saying is"

I'm really only saying win games or put up with people talking negatively. The only 2 realistic options in sports.

How is complaining about complaining gonna work??

Id like to see how long JS would stay a fan of this mess if he was in the fans shoes

Lobsters lol

Cathy Newman? You're talking to the wrong person. I got rid of my TV in 1992. TV references therefore go over my head. (I had to Google her name.)