A message for coach Taaffe

I was fortunate enough to be able to talk with you after the black and gold scrimmage. The one thing that I had mentioned to you at that time was that coming in new, you had no loyalties to any of the players. With this, being new to the team, you could better evaluate the players. You came in, and in a subtle way, commanded respect from the players. I also noticed that you have garnered that respect......the foundation of everything that you are trying to do here requires that.

The decision to release two vets, that are legends in this town, is probably going to be the toughest thing that you'll have to do during camp. I also know that by releasing Rob and Mike, you're making room for the next Hitchcock and Morreale coming up. We can't fear change or we'll never move forward. These two players are class acts and will be difficult to replace, but it's now the time for young talent to move to the forefront.

Very articulate and on the sleeve. Well said!

Much respect to you my fellow TiCat fan!

Nice post, Buckwheat! I think that you have eloquently stated what most of us are thinking.

I just find it odd that a guy named "Buckwheat" can speak so clearly :?