A message for all Rider posters

I cannot believe what this Saskatchewan section of the forums has become, nothing but whinny, know-it-all, so called fans of the Riders. You need to ask yourselves “what is a fan?? do real fans trash talk their own team? Do you think that the players do not read or hear of this stuff? Do you think by saying they suck, or they should be fired help them play better?
How do you treat your kids when they make a mistake? I can just imagine the self esteem and drive to do better your kids have.

All I see this doing is, making the players they have here, wonder why they came to the Riders. I am sure your attitudes are not doing anything to attract other players to come here. Seeing as how Saskatchewan does not have much to offer, I would think that the fans should stand behind their team through thick or thin. (Not saying you can’t criticize with respect to others).
Why not try to get back to where we once were “Rider Fans the best fans in the CFL?.

Stepping off my soap box now

My kids haven't made the exact same mistake for seven years in a row.....

so through your eyes its the same mistake for the last 7 years? wow

Pretty much, yep.....and I think you'll find that seven years correlates nicely with the current loudmouthed GM/underproductive Head Coach regime.....

that didn't take long, hope you are enjoying what you have become

saskargo? Is that you? Sheesh, girl! I was wondering how long it'd take for you to come back and resume your trolling ways against Rider fans. :lol:

What I've become.....let's see....I've become an objective fan who loves this team, but believes this team should be performing better and giving its fans more than "next year is our year" thoughts.....no no.....wait.....I always WAS that..... :roll:

and that would be?

"loves his team" rotflmao, now thats a good one.

just so you know who to bash, I am not a previous posting member of this forum but have been reading it for a few years.
and I have been a Rider fan for 40.

if that's the case, you need your bifocals checked as jm wrote "loves THIS team", and jm isn't a guy by any stretch.. she just likes to hang with us other fans of the league.

don’t much care how long you’ve been a fan, frankly, and I don’t care how long you’ve posted, either…and I don’t “love his team” - that should be a clue to you, but if it isn’t, have fun figuring it out…I had no intent of bashing you whatsoever…didn’t cross my mind, actually, but last time I looked, I was allowed an opinion on the Riders, as you were…and you’ll also note that I didn’t belittle you personally in this little thread you’ve got goin’ on here, but you didn’t return the favour…

I got news for ya, buddy. You can cheer for this team for 28 years! But you can also, and it is your right as a fan of the team to do what we are doing! ESPECIALLY if your team over 7 years has done S**T all to get us a Grey Cup!!

We've been losers for most of the 7 years that these two Clowns have been a part of the organization! AND it is time to go!

so go bark up some other tree, because obviously you are happy with mediocre play and a mediocre team!


sorry jm02, did not mean to offend you, I am just trying to make the point that Rider fans can have an opinion, good or bad, but have respect for those to who it is directed.

[quote="cflisthebest"]I got news for ya, buddy. You can cheer for this team for 28 years! But you can also, and it is your right as a fan of the team to do what we are doing! ESPECIALLY if your team over 7 years has done S**T all to get us a Grey Cup!!

WeTrue Fan, I hear where you are coming from and I think you are right, coming to this forum and complaining is not the answer to the Riders problems. What we all need to do as "True Fans" is start asking ourselves, what are we fans of? As CFLIsTheBest writes, being happy with mediocre may work for you, but it doesn't work for me, not for $60 bucks a ticket, heck not for ten. Complaining about the riders mean we still care. I am one loss away from giving up altogether. That is not how I treat my kids, that is what I do with someone who breaks my heart for 17 years in a row.

I hear ya d123, but don't you think by looking at the posts, it is getting a little out of hand with all the hate?

It does seem to be that it's all negativity, TrueFan, but really, what else do you expect? In the past few years we've heard "this is our year", only to be let down, to be told the next year that "this is really our year".....and let down again.

Something's gotta give, and it's starting to. Don't be surprised if there are fewer than 23,000 bums in the seats on Saturday.....

And no offense taken.....I respect your opinion, just don't agree with it, as you with mine. :wink:

I don't know, people here are pretty passionate about the riders, very very very hungry for a decent year, decent being over 500 for a change. It means a lot to us, means a lot to Edmonton, they never have a bad year, and when they do they correct it right away and bounce right back. Every team in the league have their good years but never us. It is frustrating when we really don't have the team. This year we do, so why are we sucking, and if bitching on this forum is not the answer what do you suggest, cause continually supporting their losing streaks is not working.

fewer people in the seats is hard on the organization, but does send a clear message to the top and to the players, maybe that could be the thing to get this team to step it up. I like the idea, better than the verbal barbs.

Better than the barbs for sure.....but can I still call him "Holding - Saskatchewan #53" Thomas? :wink:

oh ya no problem with that one, I think the ref's are picking on him. j/k