A Message About Offcials To The CFL

After being at the Blue Bomber game today I noticed ALOT of missed calls on both sides and started to wonder where the calls were. After not thinking about it for a while after I see the call on Fields for "pass interferance". At first I was angry because I just watched the entire play and he didn't do anything to initiate a call. Then to boot he got a "roughing the passer" call and if that wasn't enough he walks into Talbot because he was taunting.

Like what is going on in this league, I don't understand where these officials were trained. They are made to watch the game, hell it's a part of their job and they totally miss calls and then the ones they do catch, they miss call them.

I'll admit I flipped out at the game and I saw that call. But if that was pass interferance, then why wasn't Baker called for all that BS during the game. Even Samuels during the game did some of that and the Bombers shoulda been called on that too, still nothing.

This has been going on all year in all of the games. What a disgrace to the league and us the fans....


seriously though, Fields did interfere, I had the luxury of multiple slow mos, and he didn't just 'walk' into Baker, he shoved him after the play and while Baker should get a 9.5 on the triple axel half curl dive it was all Feilds that the ref saw.......he also didn't get the roughing the passer call, that would be nigh impossible, but I will give you that one, DA was just kinda 'moved'..........

…Baker wasn’t knocked over after that play…Talbot was…Baker is the one that caught the ball…so I don’t know what game you were watching but I was actually there. Also as right as you might be then about the call on the pass interferance, there’s still shotty officiating in the games of the CFL.

........I might be thinking about a different play then 'cause I was sure it was Baker knocked over, not Talbot...

I think you might be, cause there were a couple of altercations between the Bombers secondary and Baker.

From my seat on the east side of the stadium watched Baker get yelled at by Clemons. Baker just nudges pinball out of the way and pinball took Baker's arm and turned him around. Pinball did not look happy at all with him.

.........Baker does have a temper.........FLASHBACK: Prefontaine incident in Calgary...........

Hot heads like Baker usually end up being a liability for their team.

Everyone knows he has a temper, and whoever plays against Toronto knows that it won't be hard to get him off his game.

Yeah I remember that, when I first saw it I kinda sided with Baker cause Prefontaine has to reason to get in his face. But after tonight I think that Baker is truely a joke.

Also from the Args I kinda got a little angry when after a play Bruce got hit from behind and was a legal hit, and then when he got up and everything was done looks at the bombers and throws the ball to the ground towards the bomber players.....like what was that?

....I don't like to use bad reffing' as an excuse for a loss....as Glenn had the oppourtunity to win this one against TO....and then had one of his mental lapses.....but those penalties ...about three called on the one play for a zillion yds.....taking TO. from the fifty to the five was astounding....this league continues to grow and become a great success....but I would say the reffing has not kept pace with the leagues advancement. and is suffering for it......and to be quite blunt....it reeks.... and.not only in this game this year....we have a proffesional league with minor league officials.....someone better fix it.....

They screw up once in a while, but I seriously think it is batter than it used to be.

And all off-season the league has been discussing long-term solutions to increase the quality of officiating in the CFL.

On a related note, you should have seen some of the joke penalties called in some of teh NFL games today… they were almost as bad.

Okay Riderfans we do have a winner! No Bomber fans has complained about the ref's until this fellow!

You have to do like I have been doing lately, completely ignore the officials during the game........the games today were another example of the great entertainment value the CFL has......both won on the final play of the game....back and forth lead changes all game long......it seems like every week the games get closer and closer and we always say that was the best game of the year so far.......just put the reffing out of your mind.....even if it is the worst part of a CFL game.

Very good post Pigseye you are correct you enjoy the game win or lose!


WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mommy.........the REFS are out to get us...............WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! please make it stop , MOMMY!!!!!!!!! :roll: :lol:

2 unbelievible games !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :shock: :smiley:

There is one at every party.......... :roll:

OH , WELL............ :shock: :roll:

and nest week we get the game that will likley decide who wins the east

how awful