A memorable day

We had a very memorable day yesterday. We got home at 2:30 am and my son did indeed get up for school. Mind you, he did forget his lunch but I was able to get it to him.

So here’s the recap:

We drove down on Sunday afternoon after church and grabbed a hotel room in Burlington.

We went to the Hall of Fame on Monday morning which I think needs a major injection of cash and of expansion. We did enjoy our chance at kicking a field goal. It was kind of tough to get there given the Labour Day parade.

Then we shot over to the Tigertown store. I had to return a shirt that I had ordered which was too small. The staff was great and we bought some awesome stuff.

We had some lunch and then went down to the stadium. We walked around a bit and then we noticed the Toronto cheerleaders coming across the parking lot we informed them that they would look much better in black and gold.

Then we noticed a couple of players getting out of their cars. My son a huge Jessie Lumsden fan timidly walked toward Jessie’s vehicle hoping to be able to meet him.

Friends, you can say whatever you like about Jessie Lumsden, he was absolutely great to my son he even stood for a moment and allowed my wife to take a picture with him. It was an amazing memory for my son. Nick Kordic did the same thing which was too cool because my son has a number 41(my old high school number) Ti-Cat jersey.

As for the stadium experience,only one significant complaint; we had purchased our tickets in the non-alcoholic section for a number of reasons and were very disappointed that alcohol was all over the place in our section including just four people down from us.

As for the game, unlike others I thought Casey Printers played well. I could care less if Casey throws for touchdowns or runs for touchdowns, seven points is seven points and the two he ran for were great runs.

If you score 30 plus points in four games you ought to win at least three which I believe leaves the problem at the feet of the defence. You have to cover people but you cannot cover for more than 4 seconds without a consistant pass rush.

Overall we had a very special day which just came up a yard or so short.

We have a Labour Day parade?

The HOF was open on Monday?

Why doesn't anyone advertise this stuff? Montford and Davis appearance on Sunday wasn't even mentioned in the Spec. They only mentioned the Sunday autographs. This explains the 20 people who showed up to see those guys.

Rev,I'm glad your family had a good game day experience. That's what it's all about.

It was advertised on this sites main page, and I believe at the top of the forum? I actually wanted to go down but the day got away from me.

There was indeed a Labour Day parade which made getting to the Hall a bit of a hassle. We called the Hall and found out that it was open and they were even giving away Jessie Lumsden posters which my son got, he freaked out.

To be honest I would have paid more then the ten bucks it cost for all four of us to get in but I really think the Hall needs a serious upgrade. When you can walk through in less than an hour there needs some serious money put into it. The displays and busts of the players are great but it needs a ton more of the interactive stuff.

We still liked it though. I think there could be a lot more souvenirs as well.

We met a family from B.C. at the Tiger-town store who if they knew about it probably would have gone down for a visit maybe.

Anyway, my daughter told me she thinks we should make the Labour Day game an annual trip so you cannot get much better than that.

Hmm, I wonder if I can work out the Saturday game??

All the best,


I to, was in town (Weds.), preparing for an event in Rochester NY, and I was back in town Mon. to catch the game. I walked through the HOF on Weds., and I echo Rev Clark's observations. Serious upgrade required. I believe if the CFL commish took a tour, he would raise a Spockien eyebrow or two. It really needs an overhaul. As for the game on Mon. it was great! (except that the blue team won). Fabulous atmosphere! I live in Edm. and have seasons, but the atmosphere at IWS is outstanding when there is a buzz in the air. I hope the Tabbies can have a miracle 2nd half, to provide the fans with more of the same - you all deserve it!

I agree the hall needs a face lift for sure. And $10 for a family of four? Wow! It's double that just for dinner at McDonalds. lol

We took a bus load of kids down there last year. I don't remember ever having been myself before that point. It was neat to see, but the kids got a little restless. They liked trying on the old clothing though, throwing the football, and teaming up to see how far they could make the leg press metre rise, but it could use more interaction I agree. I still love it though, but perhaps I am biased because I love this game, and because it’s in my hometown.

I think some paint and a little drywall to change the design a little would be nice. It just looks old in there. And the movie is something to be desired. That whole video room could use a big boost. It looks like my old grade 8 classroom in there with an old tv and vcr. I think it was a dvd but they didn’t have those in grade 8. ?

Little things like bringing the multimedia part of it all up to date would be a great start.

I am sure there are thousands of talented multimedia persons out there who would donate some time to improve things like that. I know I had a lot of interest to help me out with my website. Bottom line is people love this game and being involved in any way shape or form.

There isn't a lot of money in this league and nor would I ever want it to be like the NHL or NBA or NFL. I like that I got to meet Pinball Clemens on Labour Day as he walked across the street like a regular person through a mob of people. That is what makes this league great.

That is awesome that your son not only got a Lumsden poster, but you got a chance to meet him. He is a class act too. And a good old local boy too. My favourite player hands down. I just hope he can stay healthy.

Yes, so many things need fixing/updated including stadiums, but perhaps if the community could be involved in some of these projects, we could do things cheaper and make fans feel like they are even more a part of this game than they already are.

Perhaps we could do things like put together a Hall of Fame community committee that works together to upgrade and improve the overall atmosphere/experience of the Hall. Those people would network to find people to help with those projects at little or no cost. If some student at Mohawk or Sheridan for instance designs a new multimedia show for the hall, and does it for nothing, that now becomes a part of their portfolio and it will always have their name on it as long as it's used in the Hall. And have the show updated every say 5 years as well.

Little things like that would save the CFL money, and help improve its overall image. I am just typing aloud here, but perhaps if others aren't doing the little things we would like to see improve, we could put a proposal together ourselves to influence change.

I know we all have busy lives, but I would be a part of at least one committee to help promote and keep this game healthy.

This is the best league. It's dirt cheap when you look at even just going to see the Bills (never mind the Pats), but it is still too expensive in my eyes. Not that it's not worth $35 to see that kind of football because this is the greatest game, but for a family of say 4, I would still like to see ticket prices go down. I was able to get 15 people to go to the game on Labour Day, but I could have had a whole whack more if prices were a little cheaper. And perhaps if the game wasn’t so late. Sorry, had to jump on that bandwagon. I would have loved to take my daughter. She goes to bed at 7:30 though.

Perhaps there is a way WE could make it cheaper for those that cannot afford the liberty of even $25 for an endzone seat, by coming together as a CFL community to make sure enjoying this beautiful past time is not out of reach for any family.

And Johnny, I couldn’t agree more. The atmosphere at IWS can be an amazing one. Monday was certainly one of those nights. We all had an absolute blast!

I thought they did a decent job of keepin booze outta sec 30 i to was suppose to sit there but found out at the game it was no acoholic i just sat in 29 instead as i respect the wishes of other fans who paid to sit in the non acoholic sec. but in 29 there was quite a few who were suppose to sit in 30 but moved due to the restraint of no beers. staff at the ticket office should inform fans when purchasing that it is non acoholic sec before purchase. anyways in 29 and 30 it seemed to be a great atmosphere and no problems at all glad u and ur family got to take in that gme