A mauling we will go...a mauling we will go.....

A mauling we will go, a mauling we will go....
Heigh ho, the dairy-o, a mauling we will go!

Oh how could we not be convinced that the Lions are the real deal after witnessing today's debacle? Even the Roughie fans were hanging their heads in dejection. Was that Durant we heard being booed? Yessireee....it was indeed!

Of course the Lions only racked up a mere 42 points, 35 of which were earned by the offense and Lulay. Must have been the defense and special teams keeping things together....... well that's at least according to CFL football expert Tyrone Martin.

I keep reading Tyrone Martin's insightful posting on July 16,"Season Going Down The Tubes! Get RID Of Buono & Lulay NOW!" and when Lulay finally proved himself by helping rack up 4 straight wins by beating Calgary [of all teams] last week Tyrone Martin still could not accept reality and graciously admit he'd seriously misjudged Lulay and Buono. His answer to the win against Calgary? "Nothing to apologize For! The DEFENSE And SPECIAL TEAMS Are WINNING The Games! Lulay Still Is POOR In The RED ZONE!" ROTFLMHO

Now....if Hamilton will do what they're capable of doing and put Calgary on the seat of their pants tomorrow the Lions will be playing for 1st place next week at B.C. Place! Doesn't get better than that!

Anyone want to place odds that the Lions just might be hosting a Grey Cup? They've got a good shot at it if they keep playing like this. They're not just beating their opponents. They're beating up on their opponents! :smiley:

omg they're the school bullies.

Wow once again in all aspects, great win ! The team was so well prepared, great job coaches. Lulay wow ,such a intelligent QB . I know Phillips had a great pik ,but still gotta say his tackling is cheerleader caliber. :thup: LIONS ROAR!

Settle Down Beagle.
Anything can happen, between now and Grey Cup week.
Yes.....the Lions are playing better than they were, but.....what goes around .....comes around.
In Life, and in Sports.
The Lions had some hard times at the beginning of the year, and now.....the other teams are having a bit of dry spell.
One Major injury to Lulay or Jackson ......Bruce or Geroy go down.......or one of our starting DBs runs into a Goal Post ( Errrrr.......never mind!) or some thing happens to our Liquored Up Fool Kicker.....and we are Done!
So.........instead of making comments about of your equal ( well that's at least according to CFL football expert Tyrone Martin.)...just relax, and enjoy what is going on right now.
It is not going to last.
Never does!
Calgary will get their act together, just as The Bombers will do and Edmonton will do and the Riders will do.
The Lions are on a Roll....."For Now"......but....so were the Canucks last year.....and look what happened.....when it counted the most!
Peaking to soon.......is never a good thing.
I would rather be Calgary or Edmonton right now....knowing, that they can only get Better and Stronger.
Can the Lions get Better?
Can the Lions stay Healthy?
Only time will tell!
Relax.........Try not to get any on yourself,.......and Shoot your Fool Mouth off, when the Final Whistle Blows, at the end of the Grey Cup and the season.
Till that happens.......Just enjoy the Game, as it unfolds.

How sweet it was!

Guys at work were we telling me good luck (ie BC had no chance) with regarding this game...oh how I can't wait to show up to work on Monday and rub this one in big time.

Great win Leos....lets keep it going. They know what it's like to be in last place and now what it takes to be on the winning end.

get it while you can, before to long it'll all be gone.

Great win yesterday in Regina. It was sweet to basically shut them up and severely handicap their playoff aspirations. We could really end it for them next time we play.

What I love about Lulay is that while not extraordinary, he's poised and extremely intelligent. No dumb mistakes from him and he's not afraid to run. We're starting to rush the ball more (by committee) and spreading the ball around. How can anyone focus on one guy when you have Geroy and Arland and our young Canuck receivers. The defence is back to their dominant ways. Scary..

My last point is about our 2010 draft. We currently have 3 starters from that draft (Muamba, Foster and Gore) and let's not forget Hamid Mahmoudi and Adam Baboulas who are also on the roster. Even though we missed out on Danny Watkins, Wally hit a home run. We're now starting 8 NI due to our depth and allows us flexibility with the running game.