a matter of stamina?

if all they be sayin about durants health situation is true, it will be a surprise to me if he can last the whole game.

Hats off to him if he has that much stamina :thup:

New drinking game, drink every time Rod black mentions Durant was sick.

apparently he's had this stomach ailment since week 1.

...there exists no Rod Black drinking game that doesn't get you absolutely hammered by the start of the fourth quarter...

You're too generous, Red...I assume most would be snapped by the half...

Timeout. Has anyone even made it to halftime on a Rod Black drinking game? (I mean, apart from Chuck Norris and "The Most Interesting Man in the World.") If so, that person is like a god...and/or has a liver made of titanium!

The only way to make it through a Rod Black drinking game is to water down your drinks.

wine by the sip, lasts along time :rockin:

So, play it at the Keg for $7.25 a drink? Sick...

I tried it oot....i thunk i am really drink now!

two hrs after the game ended. nice timing 8)

...if you PVR the game you can extend the party