A matter of priorities?

SO, as a paying fan, what would you rather?

a - go to every home game and see your team play excellent most of the time, and win every home game, but lose in the playoffs

b - go to every home game and see your team play like crap every home game, lose every home game badly, but win just enough road games to make the playoffs, then win all playoff games and cup in somebody elses parks??

Winning at the end eases all regular season pain!

so, if you were presently a very disgruntled ticat fan, but because montreal and edmonton only won 1 game each this season, and the cats were in and went on to win, it would all be ok??

What I said stands but I understand where your coming from. As a paying fan which I'am afraid I am not anymore due to the fact that I'am way too far from any CFL Stadium but I used to go to every Bomber home game and I can remember some very lean years as in 1988 when we went 9 and 9 and then won the Cup in Ottawa which I attended. If I can use that as an example then,yes,it was a wonderful feeling. But don't get me wrong! I get bloody frustrated after watching blown games after blown games! If your team loses this year,how important will their performance during the regular season truly matter to you? 2001 for the Bombers is a prime example for me. I still don't like hearing about it and we were 14 and 4 that year!

I remember being a serious sask fan from 66 through to 89. After winning that first cup in 66, how frustrating it was to see them do so well throughout most of the next 10 seasons, only to screwup in the playoffs.

However, I was not a season ticket holder, seeing as how I never lived in sask. So it was easier to put more weight on the last game.

I think if I am paying and taking the time and trouble to go to each home game, I want entertainment value for my dollar, and if the games suck, then I am not happy. I feel ripped off, and winning that last game would take some sting out, but not enough.

I think for any sport, if you attend games regularly, you like to see the home team win, but then you also expect them to put forth a good effort no matter what the outcome is , win or lose. All I expect from my home teams is that they least entertain me and leave everything on the field, court, ice etc.

what if the riders had to play their starters for the whole game next weekend in order to do what you expect??

For me, my choice is A. I prefer to be entertained at the games I pay to go see, than to be ripped off by lousy play and yet get the W at the end of the season.

A good game is more important than the W to me.

I believe I said the same thing, not quite in those words..

I understand where you're coming from. 1987, the Bombers had the best team in the league led by Clements. I went to all the home games and watched them clobber pretty much everyone then with high hopes for a parade down Portage Ave in late Nov. they lost to Toronto in the final. Very,very upsetting to say the least! 1988 for Winnipeg was the exact opposite and I'd take 1988 over 1987 anyday!

so i assume you would not pay to go to a preseason game than. you play the season in hopes that you can get far enough ahead of your opponents so that you have the privelige of resting your starters and evaluating your young guys. the riders have earned that right by playing well all season. i have paid good money to go to EVERY home game including preseason. i enjoy watching up and coming players and i do not feel ripped off if they don’t have their best players in the game at this time of year. i guess we will just never see eye to eye on this subject, but i do respect your opinion.


So if Calgary or Sask come in and beat the Leos in a well met OT nailbiter in the WF, you'd like that better than a Lions' Back-to-back Cup victory? (I assume your avatar means you cheer for the lions).

Good thing you're in the stands and not in the Leos front office.

I'll take B, by the way.

Reason A makes me feel like a Canucks fan again... I used to pay $50/head to go in there... oooooh, i feel so dirty...

I love the entertainment aspect of the game but I'm also a die hard supporter of the Lions so winning is more important to me. For the casual fan, entertainment is probably the way to go. I guess ideally would be to have a WINNING ENTERTAINING team. That would solve all the problems