hey fans..lets start out own promotion night for next home game.."LETS NOT GO TO THE GAME NIGHT!"..win or lose, next home game against Sask. lets stay away in droves!! maybe the organization will start listening THEIR fans!

I meant if we "win or lose" against Sask. next week!!

What a stupid idea......

Let's not go to all the games and maybe they'll go away....that'll show'em

Nope. I'm a fan and I will be there no matter how well or poorly they play. No paper bag either. I love my team and I'm there for them through the good and bad.

MAN…you people take things way tooooooo seriuosly! :roll: …umm btw,I did call it “promotion night”
meaning ONE NIGHT…not all games

Right on. This team does NOT have the talent at wide receiver. Cats need a big stud wide out who is a legitimate deep threat.
Until then people, mow your lawns, wash your cars or something but why on earth waste anymore time and money on a team that has scored 2 points in total in the last two home game.
What a joke! What a fiasco! :lol:

That what Ottawa fans did...they showed them didn't they.
To me the biggest disappointment for Hamilton has been the play of Jason Maas. I don't know if he has something wrong with his shoulder or hand but he is just not the same guy we saw in Edmonton.
You see how all the other teams struggle with a top QB playing well...the league's defenses have become so complex that it takes good experienced QB's to execute against them. Jason looks like a backup QB this year at times.
The Ticats still have a few holes in their lineup IMO but Maas has to start playing like he can or used to for this team to be successful. He still looks to me like he is trying to play through an arm or shoulder injury. He did sustain a shoulder injury last year playing in Toronto, maybe its still bothering him.
I believe the Ticats will continue to upgrade their talent when the NFL cuts down, but Jason Maas has to start playing like he can for the team to be successful. Its not because he's not trying, he looks more frustrated then anybody.
I thought last night Paopao would keep doing what worked last week pounding Ranek at the Argos to take the pressure off Maas, but for what ever reason, he couldn't or wouldn't, it didn't happen.
It doesn't help that this year's OT's aren't the same calibre as last year's yet so that doesn't help the situation.

But boycotting the team isn't going to make management find better players any faster, they're looking all the time for better players.
It would be interesting though to see what a Don Mathews or a Wally Bouno would do with this team.

you know what win or lose we need to support this team.

Doubleblue makes a funny point!!!

Ya,lets be stupid!!!and not show up... :roll:

What a great day for a ball game ,we have one more chance to entertain our fans IMO,and thats Labour Day,
OK against Sask in 2 weeks is important ,but Labour Day we must entertain the fans with some offence......
Ya ,no kidding eh ,rocket scientist .


I will be the scab in the front row then.

Ya ,we can move over to some great Box seats ....wow!

its not a matter of support,as ticat fans we will always support them.
its a way to show the organazation the we are pissed,angry,frustrated! something needs to be done.
I'm begining to think that our organization is like the LEAF owners.
but hey,if we want to be like leafs fans and sell out the place win or lose,ok then, so beit..hmmm?how long has it been since the leafs won the cup!..40 YEARS!,but thats ok..arena is sold out!
ticats: 7 years and counting..

great! we can move into the empty box seats for a close-up of the Tiger-Cats smoking Sask.
and there'll be no line-ups for food or beer or the urinal

wanted to bring up this thread that I brought up after the Argo game last week...maybe its time folks!!

the sound of ankles breaking!

Not a bad idea...

should be a replace Katz promo ...owners pay the bills GM run the team

I agree. It is a very difficult place to be in. I have hated the Leafs ever since I understood that their owners care only about money and not about winning. I can never cheer for them as long as this is the case, and that is why I have never went to any of their games. And the only way that situation will ever get resolved is by fans not showing up.

if fans were not to show up the for the Tiger-Cats, the team wouldn't get better, they would just leave. And what motivation would I have to watch CFL football. I love watching all the CFL games, but without the 'Cats in the mix, there doesn't seem to be a point.

It is hard since I know as a devote fan I have to attend for my teams survival, but it is just so hard to stomach. The whole gameday experience has completely been destroyed.