A lot riding on this weekend

Don’t ya hate it when your teams’ playoff hopes depend entirely on another teams’ performance regardless of how your team does?

That’s the predicament the Lions find themselves in as they meet Saskatchewan for their final home game at Empire Field this season. However, with a Lions’ win against Saskatchewan and tie or loss between Edmonton and Winnipeg the Lions will be in charge of their own playoff destiny. In fact if Edmonton loses to Winnipeg the Lions could afford to tie against Saskatchewan and still be in the driver’s seat because no matter what Edmonton did in their final game as long as the Lions beat Hamilton they’ll make the playoffs.

However, unless we’ve been witnessing the birth of a stronger better Lions team of late I’m not optimistic about its chances in the playoffs. But you just never know in this wild crazy CFL. It does make for great intrigue and something to look forward to. I’m very much looking forward to seeing if Travis can hold his own against a green machine that appears to be coming unglued.

It will be great to see the formidable veteran, Aaron Hunt back in the den this weekend if only to witness his hilarious celebratory victory performance each time he leaves his quarry prostrate on the turf. That’s worth the price of admission alone!

Here’s hoping for sunny skies for those who will be in attendance this Sunday afternoon at Empire Field. Let’s hope the Lions have just one more trick up their jerseys and are in the mood to serve up the fans a very special treat. “Melonheads on a Platter” is a dish I hear best served cold!

I do hate relying on others. I do hate it when the Lions piss games away even more.

I'm with you Beagle, "Melonheads on a platter" - that's a good one! :thup:
Enjoy the game, GO LIONS GO! :rockin:

[b]Okay Folks,
Enough of the pessimism. I believe that BC will win the last two and Edmonton will lose this weekend-and if i am not mistaken-that gives BC the third and final spot in the Western Div and a playoff berth to boot. Am I correct in this scenario. So as I end most of my posts on here:

Roar Lions Roar! Roar Lions Roar! Roar Lions Roar! Roar Lions Roar! Roar Lions Roar! Roar Lions Roar! Roar Lions Roar! Roar Lions Roar! Roar Lions Roar![/b]

Spidey - of course you are right on as usual. As soon as the Eskimos crash and burn we will romp to football glory as the mighty lions before us. What a party we will have. Somebody stir the chili!

[b]Greatmystic, The oven is already on! Can you smell the chili cookin’ now! Take Care good buddy!

Roar Lions Roar! Roar Lions Roar! Roar Lions Roar! Roar Lions Roar! Roar Lions Roar! Roar Lions Roar! Roar Lions Roar!


Hmmm.... well, you missed that one spiderman. Much to the chagrin of the Lions' faithful. The Lions can still walk out with a tie tomorrow afternoon, win against Hamilton and hope Edmonton loses its final game.

hope in one hand and crap in the other and see what gets filled first. forget hope - winnem all or go home.