A lot of questions

How many ways can you lose a game.

  1. up by 3 in the 4th with 7min to go at the Calgary 15, throw a ridiculous interception a 10 year wouldnt throw
  2. still up by 3 with about 4 to go, at the Calgay 23, take a 10 yard sack, then hit the upright thus 0 points, even a ball through the endzone gets a point which would have left us down by 3 instead of 4 at the end of the game
  3. Final drive, a qb who refuses to roll out when you know the rush is coming, takes too many sacks, clock ticks. HOW ABOUT JUST THROWING THE BALL AWAY
  4. Take a 15 yard facemask penalty to give the Stamps a sure TD in the end

Defence played well. Had 3 turnovers. Offense to inconsistent and too many errors by Burris. Also during the td drive in the 3rd they had Gable and May in the backfield, Stamps had no answer. Didnt really go back to Gable until the 2nd to last drive, why??????? And was Ellingsworth hurt

Uhmmm... so what were your questions???

That about says it. Other than the special teams sucked which allowed Calgary to garner some points with very little offense in the first half.

My questions >

Why would a qb throw that ball (was like a lob in slow pitch) down at the 10
Why, when the rush was finally coming for the Stamps will the qb not roll out or NEVER throw the ball away. Oh yeah so he can get sacked
Field goals have been an issue this year, why is he still kicking
And why does this team continue to take penalties at the worst possible moments

The face mask call was inadvertent. Sadly it gave them a first down and they marched it in for the TD. The D needs to tighten up in these situations. Live by the blitz die by the blitz. Oh unless your rambling Hank, then you get sacked.

facemask inadvertent? i was a 15 yarder not 5, he didnt simply brush the facemask, he grabbed on and twisted the receiver's head around for the whole word to see

I disagree Wanker. If you watch the play again you can see Webb over pursue and by instinct he threw out his arm/hand to grab something. Unfortunatly it was a high grag & his momentum took him past the player which caused the wrenching. Unfortuante but true.
Really, he's in a lose - lose situation 'cause if he completely missed the tackle people would be all over him for that.
( I dislocated a shoulder doing the exact same thing 25 years ago (moment of youth beinging relived :slight_smile: )
Like I said, unfortuante & the timing was even worse but at least he tried to make the tackle....that's what stings the most.


That's an old rule...there is no inadvertent face mask call any more...they're all 15 yards...looked inadvertent to me though

For every good play that Webb makes on defence there are at least two to three horrible ones a game. Just look at that pass inference call and obvious face masking masking penalty!! Too reckless out there and he is to set an example for the young guys?? Perhaps this is why thevArgos released him over 2years ago and we had to pick him up because we are just too young at the back end!!

Okay, so the morning after the collapse and there's a lot of questions and a lot of blame on several threads directed toward Congi, Webb, Moore, and Burris, but I'd like to be optimistic (for once) and praise the efforts of two Cats in the past few games.
Simoni Lawrence has been on fire since getting healthy and C.J. Gable should be getting a reputation as one of the most dangerous backs in the CFL. He's caught or rushed for over 150 yards in both of the last two games and he's clearly the most excited offensive player in the league right now.
We're headed into a stretch of playing some hurting Eastern teams plus a rematch with Calgary at Guelph, so finishing at 9 and 9 is a fairly conservative prediction. To any Hamilton fan who's given up on 2013 after last night, you've "Gotta Believe!" and have a couple beers to chill your worries.

Here's my thoughts on the facemask by d webb...I have to say I can't remember a player react like he did immediately after the call. He obviously realized what the consequences were and his reaction showed it. Very upset with himself and didn't need a pile of players telling him so. He knew he screwed up and it would cost his team big time. He missed the tackle and tried to do whatever he could to recover. Bad choice but he doesn't appear to be the kind of player that will let that happen often.

Questions? Special teams and field goal kickers. Nothing personal but the specials are by far the weak link. Secondly, you've got to have that last field goal not to mention the earlier one. Having said that, I really believe we are beating ourselves so to speak which is a sign in my mind is actually a sign of a good team which should be able to correct their mistakes.

This is the first time in years we have enough defensive/offensive talent to win but it takes all three phases and last night it was obvious again that special teams including kicking are not good enough to win the Grey Cup.

My prediction the Cats bring in a kicker, win 5 of the last 7 at minimum and unlike what others think we would not be even competitive without Henry Burris. I think we finish 10-8 even possibly 11-7 though that would be if the special teams improve a lot.

The last game of the year in the Peg will be a trap game against a team with nothing to loose for the Bombers.

I don’t have a lot of questions about the game.

We played pretty well, but we were up against one of the top teams in the league and fell short. We didn’t pay quite well enough to win, and we didn’t deserve to. Sure, a few mistakes avoided and things might have been different. Of course, if Calgary hadn’t made a few mistakes they’d probably have scored more points and won anyway. What if’s and If only’s don’t take you anywhere.

We have a pretty good team and they’re getting better. They’re not in the top group yet. So they need to keep improving.

Because he has a Canadian passport and there's no other available non-import kicking around who's any better. No other reason.

Well Webb is really the only hold over left that is starting in the d back field and with the need to get Rico Murray into the starting line up it could be time for Webb to be replaced. Murray is a natural CB that played great at SAM LB so a move to HB should not be out of the question.

They lost - GET OVER IT - can't change anything. A week from now when they win, this game will be long forgotten.
Yes, Congi missed a couple of FGs and that was the difference. Yes, Burris made a bad pass but he doesn't make a bad pass if the O lineman had just made a block, it's a team sport. Of course we should also blame Calgary for playing well and not giving up. Best defense in the league.

We are up by 3 its 2nd down and 14 should we run the ball?

Kinda hard to roll out when the pressures coming from every position on the DLine.ball should be thrown away. Hard to do if there's no time to do so.

No other options.

I'd like an answer for this as well.

Around the 3rd quarter you could see both sides of the ball start the cruise control though (last week aswell) which better get addressed.
All in all though we walked into the best team in the leagues house and lost by 3 (and @ BC). We're on the right track.

I have to agree I would not read to much into this loss beating BC and Calgary in back weeks is a tall task for any team.

We get these same Stamps two weeks from now in Guelph,and much like the two games vs the Lions,where we also should have won in their park.........The Cats will redeem themselves when they STOMP the Stamps at home just like they did against the Lions.After that the last 5 games of the season are all against Eastern opponents.In between they have Touchdown Atlantic vs the AL's.......So there is no reason not to think that the Cats should be 7-6 with these games left to finish out the season.Everyone of the final 5 are winnable games,and should dictate where this team winds up this year.So really the ONLY question here that needs to be asked and answered is....can the Cats take advantage of having their own fate as to where they finish in the palm of their hand ?? I'll go out on a limb here and say the Cats have their first 10+ win record since 2001,at the very least this team should finish at 10-8,top end though they could end up at 11-7
If they don't accomplish this,they'll have nobody to blame but themselves.


The biggest issue with Hamilton coming into this season from last was the lack of quality talent on defense. I think that has been adressed and they are now loaded with talented defensive players and have also acquired it not only in imports but also the Canadian talent on the D side of the ball and for special teams just keep continuing to load up. C.O. Prime is the latest to be added. Plesius has been all the talk being a familiar name by playing in the CIS Prime however spent 4 seasons playing NCAA FCS and has just made it to final cuts of the NFL.