A Lot OF Media Types Are Looking Quite Stupid These Days

Read today that tickets for the Buffalo NFL game in Toronto have gone from high priced 8 game packages, to now letting people purchase single games. At I'm sure much reduced prices.

Its no secret this thing is a long way from selling out. In fact those overpriced VIP seats Ted Rogers was literally drooling over in that press conference are going like hot chocolate in the Sahara.

I'm just wondering where all these media types like Stephen Brunt and DAve Naylor are these days? I mean two months ago they were writing that Torontonians were "hungry" for the NFL, and would sellout the games at any price.

LOoks like the Toronto media is as dumb as Ted Rogers and Paul Godfry. Who forked over 80 million for the right to lose money.
I won't say I told you so, but I told you so.

and you will tell us again, and again, and again......

YOu must think you're quite an important person. But let me assure you. You ain't.

You won't read columns from Brunt or Naylor about the lacklustre interest in the Bills games in the Globe & Mail (or read much about Godell's media conference last week imploring that the Bills are staying put in Buffalo), as that newspaper is part of the Rogers CTV/Globemedia chain, yep one in the same as the promoters of the event. Their mission is to discredit and belittle Canadian football, (their avowed enemy for the hearts of football fans in Toronto), even if they have to make it up.

Instead we read about how the big bad Argos wouldn't lift a finger to help minor football in Toronto, but Rogers comes to the rescue and writes a $50,000 cheque to Rogers Centre on behalf of the Bills in Toronto promoters to cover his stadium rental fee, (but the highschool teams will have to play on an American field, [they might as well use 4 downs too, I guess?]...thanks, Ted) :roll:

Rogers might have to tap into some of the 180,000 names in the lottery to fill the stadium. (I know this is true because I read it in the Globe.) Funny how they kind of gave up increasing that number for the past few weeks. You would think they would be up to 250,000 now with all that feverish interest for the Bills games. You only have to ask the Argos how much interest there is in Bills tickets...they had 20,000 prime tickets reserved for their ST holders, but had very few takers.

Maybe Rogers will offer a "negative-option" billing for Bills tickets with his IPhone contracts??

if only u were correct :roll:

CTV/GLOBEMEDIA is owned by BELL not Rogers.

get your shit straight.

In 2000, typical of the ownership consolidation trend at the time, BCE Inc. acquired CTV, NetStar Communications and The Globe and Mail newspaper, combining them into a media division known as Bell Globemedia.

You seem to think the same thing......
Was it not you who said that the league should tell Ackles to shut up.....
You said that yet you continue to post your opion.
Are you so important that we should all have to put up with the same drivel over and over and over again?

When you have 80 million dollars, you get to say who is dumb to do what with their money.....until then.......

media types always look stupid to me, everytime they open their mouths, or pick up a pen.

And that's all that needs saying at this point. :thup:

Do you actually like the CFL berezin, or just bashing the NFL and Ted Rogers?

If I were a betting man I'd bet the latter.

Hey, we were all led to believe that tickets for the 5 years would be snapped up like a concert, all sold-out in a matter of minutes after they went on sale. But no, this didn't happen but Lind and company will get the bums in the seats somehow I'm sure.

The whole situation does seem odd though.

If a highly anticipated Grey Cup had similar slow ticket sales, I would think the media would be all over it. But not here? Hmm...