A loss tomorrow...

...and we officially finish with a losing record for the third time in five years.

It's a must win against Toronto in Moncton without Question. For the record; the Eskimo's claimed import Defensive Tackle Walter Curry off waivers from the Argo's and will join the team on Monday. More player changes are likely to follow next week and I also think Hall will be replaced.

With the Lions win it's a must win now. I do think things will be turning around in E-town for both pro sports teams

Oh, I agree. With a competent GM now, I think the team will turn around.

I just thought it was interesting that a loss today would make it official. Hopefully we'll be putting these dark days behind us real soon. :smiley:

Hey there Esks fans!

Congrats on a convincing win! It was more than a little sloppy on both sides for a while, but the Esks started hitting their stride in the latter part of the 2nd half. The D held you guys in their and then Ricky Ray started hitting his targets and the running game got on track.

It will still be an uphill battle for post-season play, but the Esks took a giant and absolutely necessary step in that direction. Hope you guys can get a few more Ws to make the Western race interesting.

Moncton did a good job hosting the event and I hope that the CFL can expand. Then Winnipeg will once again be a Western team (as they should be!).

Best of luck until the end of the season!

  • from an Als fan

I don't know what I'm more surprised about... that the Esks won or that the D accumulated 6 picks. :o

It seemed to me now that I think about it; The Eskies D was in position all game (not only) on those picks. Toronto ended up with 4 turnovers of their own however. Mind you the score could have been worse in Edmonton's favor.

The Defense showed up for the game and did a pretty good job. Offense was better than usual against a pretty good Argo defense.
Congrats to the Esks and to Moncton, looked like a fun place to be.

Thanks :thup:
you and D&P are making it really difficult for me to still hate your team when you exhibit this kind of behavior. 8)

For Sean - it's still quite possible to be an Als fan and a gentleman! Lest we forget - Montreal knows all about "lean" years with the Als, the Concordes... In point of fact, there were several years when we didn't even have a football team!

With an 8-team league, I like to see competitive football teams. In the first encounter with the Als, the Esks could have won that game. There were critical drops by Stamps and Cambell, which could have been momentum-changers leading quite possibly to a W.

So, you guys are still in the race, and best of luck going forward!