A losing season and a terrible essay....

Figured I'd jump out and post this since I knew my betting partner would be all over it. In my support of my team, I may have been a little overzealous and I made a bet with an Argo fan. Obviously I lost. The essay and the avy are part of the bet. You might as well get a chuckle at my expense. We have nothing else right now.


A classy gal that Borehamgirl.

Hey BHG,

The essay was very nice. Nothing at all wrong with it.

But what is up with the avatar?!? Bluto or someone had to PAY you big time for that. I could not see you posting it otherwise. Please tell me it isn't so!?!

Well Tina, you may have missed your calling :lol: Perhaps there is a place for you working in the advertising and tourism trade!

I can't wait to see what "Bluto" will have to say about Hamilton when he's lost a bet. And, I know , for sure you won't let him off lightly! :thup: :thup:

Good job! :o

You know me better than that GA22!!
All part of the price I paid for defending my team. The avatar thing was part of the bet. You should have seen the one I had for my friend Bluto. In fact I may use it on Cflzone for a little while just so all of my tech guy's work didn't got to waste. :smiley:

Well "woody",

I never welch on a bet. Had I lost I would have writen a glowing report of all the good qualities which I have come to know in Tina as well as wearing the custom designed avy which she boasted so long about.

I'd also do my best to report on Hamilton the City and the TiCat Football club's finer points...

I'm just afraid that my fact-finding staff would quit or run out of funds before finding enough material for the post...

I didn't need a fact finding staff, I made up all the good stuff I had to post... :stuck_out_tongue:

We'll have to see if Bluto has the guts to make another bet, now that he's won this one, woody.

And you were soooooooo proud of that Avatar!

Never to be used for its intended purpose. :cry: :lol: :thup:

Oh well. It happens.

Bluto seems the type that he'd be up for another bet. I had a couple of laughs with him at the Labour Day tailgate. :thup: Too bad we don't meet each other again this year!

Ahhhh but next year is another story! :thup: :thup:

Nice of you to say so Woody! Right back atcha 8)

It sounds to me like in the off season ( translation: after the ticats bow out in disgrace again... ) a certain Wroxeter boy and a certain Ajax boy should arrange for a wager of their own...