A look into the CFL schedule maker's process

TORONTO — Trevor Hardy has spent almost the entire COVID-19 pandemic making schedules.

Every year, Hardy, the CFL’s AVP of Business Operations and Analytics, is tasked with creating the CFL schedule. But this year’s process was a little different than usual.

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Riders play only one game against the Ti-cats and 2 exhibitions against the same team.That is not what this fan wants to see, pandemic or no pandemic.

schedule emphasizes in-division matchups more than it had previously. It is designed to keep the travel costs down. Maybe 2022 will return to what we all have come to expect of the CFL schedule. Can't expect CFL to survive after this terrible break without at least some Temporary changes from previous years

This is not necessarily what the fan wants to see but it is a good move due to the pandemic. Hopefully 2022 is a return to normal.

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