A Look at Empire Field in BC


This what are Stadium should look like
I love the sight lines and took less then a year to build

why don't we just buy this stadium after BC Is done with it
and then ask to do Soccer and not track and Field.
Ship it to Hamilton Rebuild it
we could then add to it and make a great Home for our Ticats.

It would cost a Lot less then Building a new Stadium.

That stadium won’t last 5 years looks like they bought it at a toy store. This is why it’s called temporary it would not surprise me if Hamilton went for this lego block stadium

No offense man but sometimes you actually seem insane.

“Hey lets use a temp stadium that won’t last 3 years as the future home of the Cats”

Also.. how can you possibility "like the sight lines" of a stadium you have never sat in?

I can hear it now........

Now arriving on Runway 2-Niner Left, the new home of your Hamilton Tiger-Cats ! .....and , as you exit the parking lot, please help us out by grabbing a piece of the stadium and drive it to the assembling area.......free donuts and refreshments in return for your gas and time.

:lol: :lol:

Just hire the architect that designed Ottawa’s new stadium!!
It will be the first “football only” stadium ever designed in Canada.

You mean like BMO that used the same construction materials?

yes it Temp Stadium but with The RIght People in Forcing the Stadium in Right Places it may work .
It an Idea only

As For The Sight lines on Paper they look as good as our Current Stadium

It's just scaffolding with seats on it. No amount of enforcing is going to make hollow metal tubing last longer.

The level of ignorance and insanity in this thread is pretty drastic.

Sorry Zen but BMO uses the same material

Not sure how accurate that is but after 3 years BMO is already starting to fall apart. What do you think would happen if the Ticats used this same insane idea?

Well, we have 24 days decide........ :lol: :wink:

Looking at the pictures it appears much of the stadium seating is built in the side if a hill. Frankly with the info I've seen the actual lifetime of a temporary stadium is up to 20 years. I wouldn't want it but I don't find your inaccurate rebuttal helpful in discussing the Empire Stadium layout which I think is ideal. It appears to me from their costs that we should be getting a lot more seating than 15,000 for $100M I still look at US College construction projects and see that we could get 35,000 for that price

Even a stadium that lasts 30 years isn't long enough. The opportunity for a new football stadium in Canada only comes up once in a lifetime. When you get your chance you have to do it right.

Lets say you're right and in the best of situations it lasted 20 years. What then? Ivor Wynne would be long gone by then and the province is certainly not going to help fund another stadium just 20 years after they already did.

Lets hear ideas with depth.. not blank thoughts.

From a strictly monetary point of view we build another one and are money ahead. I told you its not what I'd like but its an option that isn't impossible nor cost inefficient

Stadiums are expensive - the roof alone at BC Place is what $250 Million?

zenstate is right. For all intents and purposes, these are nothing more than higher end temporary bleachers.

Don't lose sight of the fact that they are spending over $400m on just the new roof of BC place.

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/story/2010/05/04/bc-place-roof-deflation.html]http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columb ... ation.html[/url] http://www.bcplacestadium.com/

As Kirk mentions above it's actually 400.

As much as I'd like to see a similar design in Hamilton, this only seats about 30,000 and leaves no room for temporary grey cup expansion.
I would think, a design such as empire stadium would be cool for all tiger-cats regular season games, and you could probably expand with a second tier, if ever needed, but such an expansion would probably need to be a permanent one, not temporary for grey cups.

I think any stadium in Hamilton should be 30,000 seats without any endzone seating, this way, when hosting a grey cup game, they can add temporary bleachers in the endzones, like calgary did last year, to increase capacity to 40,000 or 45,000.

Looks like it's at the base of a hill, in a bit of a bowl in the landscape. But making use of the topography is a good way to assist with stadium design and may lessen some costs of building it (the stands, though not so much the foundation). I believe Winnipeg's new stadium will be partly dug below ground level. You might lose some concourse area and need to compensate, but you may save money and lessen the visual impact of the stadium.

BC's temporary field may be made of the same materials, but it's very different structurally from BMO. Toronto's stadium is largely built on steel supports with some concrete walls around the perimeter, but relies on large girders to support a metal seat base, likely riveted and welded together (and from what I've read, it does flex a lot... some flexing is necessary and to be expected, but if it requires too much maintenance to keep in check it can be a problem and we'll see what happens to BMO over the long term). The temp stands in BC consist of many, many more slim steel supports, framed together likely with bolts - it may last a few years, maybe even a decade, but over time the amount of maintenance required to keep it in shape would make it infeasible or lead to safety issues (the freeze-thaw in Hamilton's climate would do considerable damage after only a couple of years).

The amenities of the temp field are likely not adequate for the long term either - you'd need to ring it with washrooms and concession facilities, though in keeping with the temporary nature of the stands I suppose trailer-based units would be appropriate. :wink:

I do agree with you that we may not be getting enough for our money, under the current concept anyway. Winnipeg's stadium is going to be 33,000 seats, many of them covered by roof structures, for an estimated $120 million (though that price will increase no doubt). How have they designed more for less than the $150 million noted for an expanded Pan Am facility fitting 25-27 or maybe 30k??

Nice looking temp stadium for the Lions though - the sitelines should be fantastic. I thought they were using bleachers all around, but there are actually seats on the two sidelines. I'll be curious to hear from BC Lions fans over the season about how they like the stadium.