A long week!..........no doubt......

It is going to be a long week for the players and coaches who are going to try to figure out how to get this train back on the track......and they will do it!...100% for sure!

I just know if I keep posting, I'm going to get pee'd off at some members.....and say some crap I don't mean......so, yeah, I'm taking the week off as I don't have the same self-control some of you do..... :lol:

I'll watch from the world of "logged-off".....hahaha :lol:

I've got a busy week anyhow so it's prudent to not get into pee'ing matches as they take too much time and energy....even though I always win!.... :cowboy:

So, argue amongst yourselves you losers!....hahahaha (just funnin' of course)

Be nice!....see ya in next week's "game day thread"

always your friend,

mike 8)

:roll: who cares?

Oh go take your soul-collecting machine somewhere else, you galactic overlord.

Explain to me again ( because I'm sure you have said this every week) how they will do it??

And since you know , and they don't , don't you think you owe it to the team to tell them how?
That , I think , is very selfish of you or perhaps you actually hate the cats and THAT'S why you are keeping it to yourself .

100% eh???

If you don't explain it to at least us , I can only think you bleed double blue.

do tell us how Mikey????

:lol: :lol: ...if I could only break outta this cave...damn you Ron L. I will be back.

I am actually currently wearing my "xenu is my homeboy" t-shirt. Wanna trade user names?

too funny....I'm wearing my "FREE XENU" t-shirt. Kinda like my user name though...keep
up the good fight....