A Long Term Examination Of the Als- 1950 to 2007

In examining the functioning of the Als at present it is interesting to take a long term look at the club to place the team's present status , with respect to fan and media support, in a suitable context. Over the years the clubs achievements have waxed and wained as has the support given by the fans and the media.
The origins of the Als as an element in Montreal's sports scene began in the 1950's and was examplified by the teams from 1954 to 1956. In these years the Als featured such players as Sam Etcheverry,Hal Patterson, Joey Pal,Doug Nicholsen,Tom Hugo and other players of exciting talent. The team lost three Grey Cup games but the fan support was strong. It should be noted that during these times the fan base was basically from the english population of Montreal.
Starting in the 1960's, there were the beginnings of a great population shift of the english speaking people out of Montreal. From that time and, continuing through the 1970's hundreds of thousands of english speaking persons left Montreal and the Als essentially lost a greater part of their fan base base.
In the 1970's, despite this loss, the Als won three Grey Cups under the coaching of Sam Etcheverry and Marv Levy. However this was a time when the decline of public support for the Als was evident while the exodus of the english continued. The result led to a city which did not support the Als and the franchise died.
The CFl did not have a team in Montreal for several years until the late 1990's when the city was awarded a spot in the CFL and gained the Baltimore team as the expansion of the CFL into the USA completely failed. At the beginnings of this new tenure fan support was not significent until the Als shifted their games to Molson Stadium from the BIG O and fans again began to attend the Als games.
However, this was a new fan base as since the demise of the "old Als" the french speaking population of Montreal inherited the game of football with a passion. Football began to be played in the Montreal school system, junior colleges and in french speaking universities.The Laval football team illustrated this trend by becomming the elite CIS team in our country.
During this time the french speaking population adopted the Alouettes and Molson Stadiun was filled to capacity and The Als had the need to have a waiting list for seats to their games. The Als were an exciting event as they featured winning players such as Michael Soles, Anthony Calvillo, Mike Pringle [ a 2000 yard running back] and, french speaking players like Pierre Vercheval began what has been the emergence of Quebecois players on the club. The Als were on a roll.
At present as, the team struggles in the 2007 football season, a new time of crisis has developed for the Alouettes.Postings have begun to appear on the CFL.com system as some fans have begun to unload their tickets. The Als have become a team in decline and will for certain be in a rebuilding phase in the next few years. The team has an unpopular coach, there is dissent in the ranks and, the Als have lost their role as the top team in eastern Canada. The existing team has lost its youth as the veterans have all lost a step. Are we about to see another period where the fan base and the media support will begin another popularity erosion in Montreal?
Perhaps the attendance at the upcoming game at the Big O will provide some insight into the answer to this question !

For the Als the game of the year

I guess its true evrybody likes a winner.