A little too aggressive

I'm sure we all have gotten the calls about renewal of season tickets before this season was over heck i even got called twice in one day last week but.... Imho this time of year is not about me buying presents for me. Then i got an email from some rep I've never heard of basically saying s$€t or get off the pot are you renewing or not ill give u 35 bucks to sign asap. Well im sorry until i see some signings and get a sense of direction from management u can keep ur money n if my seats still there ill take it until the take ur gun away from my head and enjoy the holiday season

Cats can’t sign other teams free agents until February.
The NFL will not be releasing players off their practice roster while their season is still going for the Cats to sign those players.
Who do you want the Cats to sign? Where would these players come from?
You must be patient as always with the player signings.

We gotya few of our own that we need back

If you're waiting on player signings for you to decide to purchase season tickets, maybe you're not the type of so-called "fan" the team needs...

No thats not it at all but i certainley do need to be pushed every day to re up my seasons

I guess sellers sell and buyers buy? If you can hold out for a better deal on your tickets, I suppose it's more power to you.

But as someone already posted, the selling of tickets and the signing of players are handled by different units within the organization. If the sales team don't have the steak, they have to market the sizzle, so maybe hang on for the deal you are happiest with. I renewed at the first opportunity, and so far, it looks like I am only out the $35.00 that you were offered. I'll just forego a couple of beers and a pizza slice I guess?

Its the wording on tge email tjst got me more or less get in or out dont matter . i coukd care less bout 35 dollars

ticatbill: Every single post you make has spelling and grammatical mistakes which makes it sort of hard to read and decipher. How about you proof read a little bit before you post?

While I don't agree with any of the reasons for waiting... I have to say u agree that the ticket office was over the top aggressive this year.

Just checking my phone I received 11 phone calls and 6 emails directly from humans... combined with the blast email pretty much every day. To me that's a bit much.

Thank u my point exactly and just for the record I won't hear no more as I bought a extra and renewed today in full merry Xmas to all tigertown

It must vary by sales guy, I only had one or two calls. I held out till the last day to make my point, not that it will be noticed.

Or maybe you have way more expensive tickets than me :stuck_out_tongue:

An English Lesson ??
Really. ??

Some days just get to you more than others, it seems. As for me? I can really get hung up on the wrong use of apostrophes.