A little Ti-Cat history for Charlie, Marcel and the gang

Coach Taafe is quoted in the Saturday Spec saying "You don't build businesses in one day. Anything of value takes time. Everyone has the microwave mentality. They want to pop it into the microwave, hit the button for 20 seconds and everything is ready. It doesn't happen like that in football." It may not happen in 20 seconds Mr. Taafe, but an off-season IS enough time to turn around a team.

The 1997 Ti-Cats were horrendous. They went 2-16. Worst team in the league by far. After that season ended management went out and brought in a new coach with a winning record, a new QB, and a go-to receiver.

The 1998 Ti-Cats were 12-5-1, won the East and lost the Grey Cup on a last second field goal.

It CAN be done. We, the fans, are tired of hearing 'things will be better, just give it time.' We've suffered through too many losing seasons to believe that.

Absolutley! I couldn't agree more. I'm getting sick of this "just be patient" talk. That's political spew for the reporters. Tell the truth for once!

And in ancient history:

 Ticats had a great team '56 through '59. However, '60 team fell to 4-10 and everybody blamed the QB, Bernie Faloney, and the coaches, Jim Trimble and Ralph Sazio. Ticats tried to get rid of Faloney in the oft-mentioned trade to Montreal for Sam Etcheverry that fell through, so we started '61 with the same QB and coaches, and a lot of new players (e.g. Sutherin, Henley, Kelly, etc.) air-lifted in late '60 (THAT was a rebuilding year)
 So in 1961 we started the season 7-0, won the east final in OT, then played in the first OT Grey Cup, only to lose in OT.

While it is understandable that a new head coach may need time to build a winning a CFL team, here are two other recent examples of CFL teams with a new head coach improving dramatically in one season:

  1. In 2006, new Winnipeg Blue Bomber head coach Doug Berry led the team to a record of 9 wins and 9 losses. The team had a record of 5 wins and 13 losses in 2005.

  2. In 2004, former Ticat head coach Greg Marshall led the team to a record of 9 wins, 8 losses and 1 tie. The team had a record of 1 win and 17 losses in 2003.

In each case, the team still had the same quarterback from the previous losing season when it had its improved season. The Bombers had Kevin Glenn and the Ticats had Danny McManus.

Unfortunately, the Ticats had the one year of improvement and have been mired in a prolonged slump since then. It remains to be seen whether the Bombers can build on their 2006 season or whether they will slip a bit this year.

Records can be turned around with players older in the tooth with CFL experience and talent. Dynasties have to be built over time.

The season is two games old so far. I see lots of possitives with the ticats. I think the D line did a good job of putting pressure on the QB against Toronto. Tackling seemed crips for the most part. The defensive backs were weak, and Shaw at safety is a no go for me.

On offense, Mass does not seem to have the arm strength, or the ability to do the job. He does not seem to be able to avoid the rush, his passes are weak, his reading of the defense is dismal. Chang lacks experience but brings with him vitality. He can scramble, seems to make better reads and releases the ball a lot quicker than Mass. He definitely has talent is is bound to improve with experience.

I think one problem with us is that we have high expectations for the team. Each year we read the spectator sports who tell us what great signings the cats have made. Trouble is these guys don't usually pan out. Maybe the spec should be more critical of the team and its signings.

The has to be a lot of talent in the US college ranks. We need a lot better recruiting if we expect to build a dynasty.

For now, with the players we have, we will probably be less than a .500 team. The CFL east looks weak as usual so who knows, maybe a less than .500 team will make the playoffs. For now it is all about how much improvement the team makes, through experience, or late signings.

How come the good football is always played out west?