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"A lot of guys, I think everyone, took it personally. It showed this week - we prepared a lot harder"

The very last quote in this article was interesting to hear...at least for me, because I can't seem to understand why just this incident would make these 'PROFESSIONAL' athletes prepare harder for the game...if they are preparing harder this week what the heck have they been doing for the past 5 weeks? Maybe this is why we are 0-5? Did someone have to light a fire under our bellies and hopefully play like winners? Maybe if we had been so called "preparing harder" from the beginning we would have a decent record?

So let me get this straight, you’re upset because the players are human beings and are more motivated as a result of a slap in the face? What would you expect them to do, act like robots (as if the knee to the groin didn’t happen)? I know they are professionals, but don’t forget they have emotions and are playing an emotional game. When your pride is hurt do you not do everything in your power to alleviate the pain? I would be upset if they didn’t try harder.

im not upset because they are getting more motivated...but where was this motivation at the beginning of the season? i just think that it sounds like a load of bull that just because someone tries to rub up the score NOW they get ticked off and prepare harder...if they would have been preparing hard at the beginning of the season we wouldnt be 0-5.

I understand what you're saying. I personally think that they have been "trying harder" (been more motivated) after every loss this year. It just hasn't been reflected on the scoreboard as yet. Perhaps their hurt pride in the last game will enable them to FINALLY win this time. I think all Cat fans are hoping for that.

To suggest that players don't have spikes in their motivations during a season is absurd. Emotional slights, grudges, rivalries, etc. help bring the stew to a boil from time to time.

Pros have to be prepared for every contest, but sometimes the added motivation is obvious.

It would be like asking a player for the Raiders to take a game with the Chiefs as any other game in the NFL. Can't be done! :wink:

Knock 'em down a peg, Cats!

Oski Wee Wee,

touchdowncats actually has an interesting point here. I understand the replies, but look at it OUTSIDE the context of professional sports.

Can you imagine a worker on the assembly line at Ford, who screws up and the line has to shut down, saying to his boss "Sorry boss, I just wasn't 'up' for the assembly line today"

Or a lawyer in Court saying to the Judge, "Sorry your honour, I'm just not 'up' for this trial today."

Seems to me in both cases they would not be treated the same as a football player who uses the same excuse.

True. So? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

It's a sport. To expect 100% every play, every game is counter-intuitive to how competitive athletics works. That's why the psychological battle -- to break down the will of the opponent -- is so critical in contact team sports. It is a major objective to break down opposing motivation.

'Tain't factory work in the sense I've never seen players wildcat in the middle of a game, but I digress. LOL

I expect an inspired effort from the Tabbies tonight.

Oski Wee Wee,

Actually, yes I can see that. Not in the extremes that you're suggesting, but I think we've all had bad days/weeks at work, where things just don't go right. Ask anyone who has worked on a tandem steel mill what it's like when you have a night shift where every single roll of steel seems to break and wreck the mill. You spend more time changing the parts on the mill than actually working. What can you do? It just happens. Doesn't mean the workers weren't prepared or weren't trying.