A little prayer request....

It ain't often that I make these kinds of requests but I know you is lissnen. Keep all the players, both the Argos and the Stamps safe and healthy tonight. Give the refs eyes to see with and bless the coaches with brains to think with. Let there be no stupid penalties and may no refs get run over by 300 pound tackles.

May the Argos and Ricky Ray dish out a can of whoop a** on the Stampeders that the Stamps will not soon forget who their opponents was. [sorry Lord for my language ] May that dumb horse be constipated tonight. May the Argos do to Calgary what the Als did to the Esks last night so the Argos can share top spot in the East. May the Argos open the door for the Lions to stick it to the melonheads in the west come this Sunday so the Lions can sit and revel in top spot in the west.

Give the Argos their mo-jo back but only until September 15!


...I pray quite often, mostly to ask for understanding of why things turn out the way they do, but quite often when I ask for something directly my Lord answers 'No'... :smiley:

Stamps will crush the arblows :twisted:

I can see praying for the players to stay safe and healthy, if you're into that kind of thing. The rest, not so much.

And I hope you're right about the Stamps winning. I'm 0 for 2 so far this weekend. And I hate when the Argh-os win no matter who they're playing.

I picked Hamilton...they lost.
I picked Edmonton...they lost.
I picked Calgary...sorry. :frowning:

I think this will help me in my VGCC picks.... :stuck_out_tongue:

Well.... what can I say? lol

I can think of nothing more fitting than to sing:


Thank you Argos!