A little prayer request


It ain't often that I make these kinds of requests but I know you is lissnen. Keep all the players, both the Esks and the Als safe and healthy tonight. Give the refs eyes to see with and bless the coaches with sound minds to think with. Let there be no stupid penalties and may no refs get run over by 300 pound tackles.

May the Als dish out a can of whoop a** on the Esks that the Esks will not soon forget who their opponents was. [sorry Lord :frowning: ] May the Als take over top spot in the east and open the doors for the Lions to stick it the melonheads in the west come this Sunday so the Lions can sit and revel in top spot in the west.

Give the Als their mo-jo back but only until August 31.


(except for the august 31 limit. :wink: )

Preach it, brother!


No need to apologize. Your prayer has been answered. :smiley:



Cripes, no wonder we lost :lol:

You can start praying against the argos. We'll join you.