A little next morning reality

Although I was stationed where I couldn't see the game and only saw the halftime show and 2nd half on TSN2 it was enough for me to say that we still have a ways to go on offense. Porter is showing us why its important to play rather than hope he learns by osmosis on the bench. He was terrible in the first half based on the TSN panel's synopsis. I trust they were accurate. Its not like them to collectively trash a player like that without cause. In the second half he was better but hardly a player of the week candidate. Hopefully its a sign of growth to have the jitters. At any rate the Cats still have a lot of work to do with the guy and he's far from a lock to be our future QB. The thing is, as long as we keep winning enough games to make the dance we need to find out if he is by playing him. The defense is winning games for us and the offense is a season long work in progress. I'm enjoying it so far and look forward to the day when the offense catches up so we can be a legitimate contender

Well all I can say is that I'm glad you started the thread and not me. Porter looked terrible in the first half. If Calgary were on their game, we would have been out of it after the first half. Thank heavens they were not and or our defence played outstanding (hard to tell which was which.)
Second half Porter played better but still a far cry from great. Once again we won the game not because of Porter but in spite of him. Thanks defence, Cobb, BRUCE, other receivers et all.
However, in saying that, Porter continues to showo signs of what could be and I'm torn about playing him or sitting him.
If Glenn had started the game I think we would have won it easily. But we will never know will we.
Porter needs to get his second and third reads down quicker and stop running out of the pocket so quickly so often.... although his running ability is at times something to be admired..
As you can see I'm torn between playing the guy and sitting him. He can be very frustrating at times but at other times quite impressive.
I'm glad it is not my decision. Marcel earns his money on this one.....

Reality you say?

Reality is tough defensive football is back in town. Any Cat defense from the last 8 years or so Ham. does not hold Cal. late and Ham. does not win.

Offense isnt always pretty but does just enough and the defense slams the door shut.

Back to the 80s we go… :thup:

The D and a trick play executed to perfection by Tarfalis-Bruce won that game. The D played a great game. As for Porter, he continued to have that timid, deer caught in the headlights look. He was so ineffective, that 1st half especially reminded me of the Maas days.

An Argo-Cat fan

TSN was picking on Porter in the first half - but what the 2-11 record in that half from future-hall-of-famer Burris?

For all his two big mistakes, Porter looked a lot better than Burris did tonight. And Calgary's defence is not easy to play against.

My summary is that the Ticat defence was better and smarter the Calgary defence. The game ball should go to Defensive coordinator Greg Marshall.

or to Marcel, whose patient, confident management was a key supporting ingredient all night.

Agree Zontar and I can tell you I see so much in Porter and think he could be the Calvillo of the future, for a big man he can run and escape and loved how our coach stayed with him even though yes he was terrible shaking off the rust in the first half and the o-line stayed with him. A very interesting game from so many perspectives.

In fairness to Porter there were several drops of very catchable balls. His comment in the Spec that he was tryng to do too much early rings true. I doubt anyone thinks that was a great performance by the QB but Cats still won, which is why it is a team sport. Great job by the defense.

"Offence isnt always pretty but does just enough

and the defense slams the door shut."

That's traditional Tiger Cat football in a nutshell,
whatever era you go back to...the 50's, 60's or 70's.

and I love it, too.

If others want to go 'waa' about Offensive plays
that might have been that weren't, let them.

I will take the "W" in the WIN column and move on.

Our defense won that game last night and Porter was not prepared to start. I wasn't at the game and its hard to tell with the tv cameras but do the recievers know how to get open. Most of Bruce's catches there were two defenders right there, wouldn't that leave atleast two recievers in single coverage.

Thank BOB for our defense we always have a chance to win.

The Cats left at leat 24 points on the field last night. A great call on the second and one from Calgarys 36 yard line. Porter will get better because we have the coaching staff and players to help him along. A great win.

People we have to remember has sat out the past three game with the exception os 2 series last week. He hasn't been in game mode foe a month. I was cringing and admit was calling for Glenn but he righted the ship enough to get a win.

Porter was moving the ball in the first half, they went 2 and out on consecutive possessions which caused the booing which was kind of silly, actually ridiculously silly. And that one girl heard throughout the broadcast screaming 'put Glenn in!' was so annoying lol. TSN needs to rethink where they place the mics in a stadium.

8) Maybe that screaming girl was Mrs. Glenn. :wink:
And Calgary's defence is not easy to play against.

My summary is that the Ticat defence was better and smarter the Calgary defence.

As mentioned earlier in the week -the Calgary Defense was SHORT a couple starters, DL Labinjo being one of them (no small loss).

Furthermore, as long as we are 'keeping it REAL' - the Stamps, plain and simple, were WOEFULLY unprepared to play last night. As a paying, football fan I was quite DISAPPOINTED with their lackluster performance.


Good one Tipper!!! :thup:

An Argo-Cat fan

I thought our Special Teams played their best game of the year. Coverage and return teams were solid and the punt block put Dales back on his heels. He limped for the rest of the game. As usual, our returners held on to the ball and gave us good field position. Calgary's missed fieldgoal and the ensuing return was a critical play in the game. Congrats to Coach Easley and the players on the Teams! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Well put sir. I think their performance last night went a lil unappreciated. In a tight game field position is everything.

Not to mention turnovers. Special teams came up in aces in the turnover department.

That must have been the idiot sitting behind me. She is the MOST annoying person I have ever sat near and that is going some. She (and those behind me) know NOTHING. They kept screaming throw the ball when there wasn't a single open receiver to throw the ball to. Ever heard of a coverage sack?? Sheesh.

I have to agree completely with Caretaker on this one. It's not like our offense was playing againt a bunch of guys from the street. Even without Labinjo and Browner, they are still a great defense. Our defense was just better. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Burris didn't have a bad game. We took his game away from him. His stats reflect the fantastic play of our defense and not any lack of effort on his part.

Porter was a little rusty to start with, but dare I say that I saw a little Danny McManus in him that he wasn't ruffled by the mistakes and came back out and did what he had to do.