A little more OFFENCE ,too

This is the CFL ...QBs do more than just Pocket-pass. Id like to see KG run the ball more- just enough- to open up the D.-his QB draws were effective last year. Also, more play action...dont let them just pin their ears back and bull rush. With Cobb and Thigpen ( esp.), the Screen pass could be a killer...IF our blocking improves.
When ABIII was with a different team , he ruined defences with that short pass coming across the field behind the line of scrimmage ( exactly as Thigpen did last week). We seem to have given up on that , possibly because as he was our only SPEED threat last year, teams just kept doubling up on him all over the field. This year it seems to be a lot of ABIII to the corner, mostly for incompletions( or NON-CALLED penalties!). We need to open him up. Weve seen what Thigpen can do...basically hes a YOUNG ABIII...why not use him that way ? Yes, it could tire him for returns, but doesn`t a more prolific offence offset that ? So far none of our other receivers ( McDaniel is trying, but is still learning) have provided the offsetting threat to help spring ABIII. Thigpen may too be young and learning, but that RAW SPEED scares the beejeebers out of people ( ie: 2 games in and teams are ALREADY punting and kicking away from him) ...the message is clear.
Give him more "ICE-TIME" coach...we need our BEST out there.

Great observations BigKitty.
But I think this coaching staff believes they are better than the players so they concoct some heady game plan that does not necessarily include our best players.
Big mistake as far as I am concerned.
I think Marcel is a smart football guy but I wonder how long he can believe that he can outsmart the opposition coaches.
In the end it all comes down to basic football and execution. Not finesse.

I think the could put Thigpen out as a decoy every now and then,I think after the first 2 games other teams might start to pay more attention to him thus taking the attention off someone else.