A Little memorabillia for sale

It's time to make some room around the house so I'm selling off a bunch of items I've aquired over the years.
If you see something you're interested in either PM me or email me at canucklehead50@gmail.com and make me a reasonable offer.

If doing this is breaking any forum rules my apologies
in advance, but just in case it is, copy and save the info. :slight_smile:

'99 Grey Cup stadium banner, this was hung in BC during the '99 Grey cup.


'99 Grey Cup Ball, official ball but not game used.


'98 collectors edition uncut season ticket sheets.
(6 of them, all or one)


Complete set of 70's DQ mini helmuts, with all stickers.


Autographed Garney Henley poster, approx 18" x 24".


Full set of '95 CFL phone cards with all US expansion teams. Still in original shipping folder.


Projector slides of most Grey cup winning teams as far back as 1910. Comes with a small desktop personal viewer.


Copper presentation plate from '71 Grey Cup declaring Toronto the winner. This is a one of a kind item and was meant to be destroyed after Toronto lost.
It has at some point been folded in half but recovered and straightened, probably by a shattered Argo fan.
Thank-you Leon. :slight_smile:


'73 all-star promo ball, plenty of auto's, most are even legible. A little scuffed up but overall good shape.


'86 Grey Cup Ball, no idea if it was ever game used but looks it. (probably a kid in a backyard) :slight_smile:
Ball isnt really sausage shaped, just a crappy pic.


Set of '71 all-stars vs Alouetes glasses. 24 kt gold rimmed and still in original box, these have never been touched.


Uncut sheets of '86 & 87 Jogo CFL. Both are in excellent shape and are complete sets.



Uncut sheet of the '99 Ticat police set.


16mm film of the '62 fog bowl.
I dont have a 16mm projector to view this but believe it to be a re-cap, the film is only 34 minutes long.
Title on canister only reads '1962 Grey Cup'


'73 players awards ashtray from the first cfl players awards held right here in Hamilton.


Set of CFL mini Kegs. (Bubbas) 2 Sask,2 Eskimos, 2 Stampeders. Im not sure if they ever made a BC set.
Sorry they're empty.
Includes the Don Cherry one.


Old logo Ottawa RR lighter.
Remember these? Tip them upside down and push a button to soak the wick? Very cool item.


1966 Grey cup champs Sask RR ashtray. Entire roster,season standings and game scores all listed with pic of #23 Ron Lancaster.


1973 Saskatchewan $100 dinner plate.
Also have '69, '76 & 78 $100 dinner mugs.



A couple of bobbleheads, Pinball and Kelvin Anderson.


That's it for now, there is other items I may put up later but don't want to push my luck on the forum.
Thanks for however long the Mods lets this post stay.

Trying to respond to PM’s but there’s some delay in them sending. Dont know why but Im sure they’ll go eventually.
Anyone that’s pm’d me and didnt get a reply use the email.


I am interested !Leave a number I can contact you at in my personal box!

LOL, heck of a theory.
Pissed at the Cats? No, somedays I think Im the only one thats not, and strapped for cash....sure I guess, aren't we all?
I may just have to drop a seat from the five I usually get to treat first timers to games.

Maybe Im just selling some stuff.

86 & 99 balls are sold.