A Little Idea For All the Sport Fans Of Hamilton!

Please let whine less and be a little more positive in the future!Yes there is alot to be negative about but whining gets you nowhere and as time will tell this cant last for ever!I dont want to see a good owner leave this town because he is fed up and is ran out of by whining fans who never say any thing positive!There has to be a positive at the end of this road!

If you think Bob would give up that easy you don't know Bob. This guy didn't get were he is giving up easy.

he was in the spectator saying if he doesnt do something soon, he doesnt know what he can do!Read the spec and weap buddy! I read it but I didnt shed a tear!


The whining is a direct result of our disappointing results on the field. I whine as much as anyone on these forums, I'm just not allowed to do it in public. :wink:

I expect everyone will be much happier on these forums in 2008.*

Cheers, Bob.

  • Yes, I know I've said optimistic things before, but we didn't have Messrs Printers, O'Billovich, Rambo, etc... on board this time last year.

Bob! We all love yah, and we all just want to see a winner. What goes around always eventually comes around and I just want people to be more patient. 1991 and 1992 must of been the worst years because were going to lose the team and there was no hope at all!We have hope with you, and I would like to see you awarded for your effort.Just sometimes not all good people do! Thats just life.

1992 "worst"?
11 wins is fine by me.

The team then was still hopeless in the ownwership dept.!

One good thing I think is that an online discussion forum doesn't really equal what's going on in each person's individual noggin. Meaning it's really just a discussion board for some fans. When I turn this thing off and go about my life which I feel I have a personal positive outlook on generally, I don't think much about the whining and negativity. Which is good. People can say this and that about technology as virtual reality but reality exists only in our own bodies and minds. Thank goodness!!

Ownership was uncertain not "hopeless".
As far as the CFL in the 90s went "uncertain" was was the norm.

At the very least, people care. When they stop whining is when I get worried.

I'm excited for '08. Looking forward to exercising my lungs down in the endzone again!! Nothing better than partying down there with those guys!

Honestly, I just want to experience some competitive football so that we can really see Ivor Wynne rocking. The place has been stacked for 4 years now...just waiting to really get behind the team.

'Cause, bluntly, it's tough to make noise for our D when we're down by 20.

I still think the crowds will be big this year...so I'm looking forward to hearing the place roaring.

Bob you keep saying optimistic things,I love it,sounds great to me. :thup: :smiley:

Do you remember the norm back then?The norm was threatening the fans we were leaving and feeling scared and defenceless.The norm back then was putting a billboard on the a wall showing how small our support was and make people dont want to support the team!Ever since Mr.Young has come here People have NEVER been threatened and NEVER disrespected.They say good people make good business!The results are in!

More accurately I think Young has realized good people who hire smart football people make good football business.

Thats says alot for Pottinger doesnt it!People said he wasnt good enough for here but played on a greycup in B.C!