A little humour to take your mind off the game

A little humour to take your mind off the game.....

A man walks into a doctors office with a stick of celery in one ear, a carrot stuck in the other, and a banana stuck up his nose.

The man says to the doctor " Doc, I don't feel well, what do you think is wrong with me"

The doctor looks at him and says....
" Clearly your not eating right"


I'm not laughing. Go blue.

Two Irishmen walk out of a bar....

Could happen. :lol:

2 Argo fans walk into a bar

But the Ti-Cat fan ducked …

I got a good joke.....

The Ti-Cats actually try and play a game of football!


Argo fans are trolls.

Oh, wait, that's reality, not a joke

....oh look....the sun did come up this morning.

Smile... it's not the end of the world.