A Little History - Must Read

The Ti-Cats (or a Hamilton Football Club) is the only team in the CFL to win at least one Grey Cup in every decade. Sadly that will end this decade.

I believe they are the only pro team to win 1 championship per decade in any of the the big 4 sports

hey we still have next year to keep that going :wink:

ha ha, in happened in the late 90s but in 98 when we got Dmac and Flutie we had a better defence then. Hoping your right but prob not

I don't follow hockey much, but Haven't the Habs done it?

A freaky fluke streak that was bound to end. Usually a fact that that would suggest a long history of excellence. In this case, a long-ago history of excellence followed by thirty years of mediocrity interrupted by having twice caught lightning in a bottle.

I’ll get back to drinking to numb the pain now.


Sadly (as a Bruins fan), they might accomplish the feat in 2009.

Cup started in 1926 after the whl folded, they won the spring of 1930. I guess you could say it was the 1929-30 season. Wont matter because they wont win next year either We have a better chance

Casey Printers, Jesse Lumsden were supposed to be the D-Mac/Flutie "lightening in a bottle" of this decade. But the football Gods have frowned on us. Perhaps it had something to do with the admonishing of a certain chant...

I think you're on to something.

Tiger Cats , Will keep the Streak going! They have a Solid nucliuos and a couple first round pics next draft, Taaffe IS History, and the team was responding allready , with some cfl coaching, Next year Porter will be #1, All The D needs is a Good Safety !

I may be a frustrated, beat up fan but there is still hope. It ain't over until the 2010 season. I have my thinking cap on.

Go Leafs

Oops, wrong losing team website

are people serious about this porter stuff? cuz i thought it was a joke but i have herd it quite a few times now.

I hope you are NOT drinking the bottle that was twice zapped by lightning!
You just might get a serious shock!!!

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

how about the Eskimos

Actually...it ends after next season.

The "new" decade starts in '10.


They made it to the Grey Cup only once in the 60's and lost.

That is another reason why people should not give up on this team. As ticat fans we have been a little spoiled in regards to championships. I believe we are tied with the Blue team for most Grey cup championships (15).

Just because were having 4 bad years, isn`t the end of the world. Teams like Saskatchewan and Ottawa have had many horrible seasons. Unfortunately for Ottawa, they folded but Sask. and their fans endured, now they are a legitimate threat to win the cup this year.