a little help?

I am hoping one of you folks can help me out on this one.My boss gave me tix for tomorrow night.They are private box tickets.Can I bring my 17 year old son?Any help would be appreciated.

Yes, you're more than welcome to take him to the game. There are no age restrictions in the boxes.

Out of curiosity, which box is it?

I believe it is in the Y108 box.My co.does a lot of advertizing with them.CHML too.

I was just asking, because I gave mine away for tomorrow's game. Have fun. I am sure you'll enjoy it.

Thanks justaguy,This will be a first for him.We always have a blast at the games,but this will be quite a different view.

My pleasure.

hey! hey! over here!!! I'll take some private box tickets too!!! hu? hu? (no really, i wouldn't ask for a hand out) that's gotta be fun, but you'd miss out on the sneering-geering and cheering fans, eh? oh-well, IWS is awesome, Hamilton and her people are great. Oskee-wee-wee!

Yes, as JustAGuy mentioned, they are.