a little help please

hi i live in the usa and i am a fan of the cfl. i was wondering if there is any way for me to listen/watch the grey cup semi-finals and the championship game?


maybe on broadband or something, but I dont know...

I hope you find it somewhere.

You missed two unreal games this weekend.


That site will stream both Finals and the Grey Cup.

Im not sure it streams for residents outside of Canada though.

Isnt there some obscure sports channel
running it down in the US.

ESPN should have the Grey Cup on one of its affilites I’d think, as our TSN is an affiliate.


Are you kidding me? No it wont.


i tryed to email cbc but it wont let me send an email because of some internet error. i tryed tsn but they dont have their email address posted anywhere on their site. and i looked on cfl.ca but didnt find a way to contact them either....

Id try emailing them for you but I dont think they like me any more.

You can use the link on the main page to see the US broadcast schedule. It will list which channels carry the playoffs in the states. As mentioned, you can also watch online, see the main page for the link, but you will have to pay.

You should be able to listen to the games. I know the Rider and BC game will be on CKRM radio in Regina and they have a link from their webpage. Good luck!

link for us broadcaster list


Webcast link


CKRM Radio link