A little help please

Hello all,

I am currently trying to incorporate 2 canadian divisions into my madden pc football game . the other 24 teams are the best of rosters from nfl teams ,example: cowboys QB-Roger Staubac RB-Emmit Smith WR's-Terrel Owens-Micheal Irvin . I have finished TiCats-Als-Argos-Lions and partly Sask and just need help with Esks-Bombers and Stamps,so if one of them are your team maybe you could help,most cfl team websites have alltime rosters and some even have an alltime team already made but not yours. So i need 3QB's,3RB's ,2 Fb's ,5 WR's, 2 TE's ,2LT,2LG,2C,2RG,2RT 2LE,2RE,3DT,4 OLB,2 or 3 MLB,4 CB,2 SS,2 FS,1K,1P
now i realize CFL positions are a bit different but i made adjustments with the other teams,like slotback as TE and on DEF there are not FS SS but there is guys back there . So if anyone could offer some feedback or help in this endevour it would be greatly appreciated . Thanks for your time .I will be making the rosters available to all after completion so if interested in receiving them in the future drop me a line dkorolenchuk@yaknet.ca

What the hell kid it is the playoffs post this in the other topics.

He asked me for help - I told him to post it here. Back off the guy, unless you can give him some help.