A Little disrespect to the Esks

Couldn't have been 500 people in the stands that stayed to watch the Cup Presentation. Had more last year when we won the commercial Hockey league. Just another nail in the image of this league. Where was the confetti at the end of the game????? Not blown off until they awarded the cup to staff and family of the Esks, which was all that were left in the building. Lamest and quietest "Pro sport" trophey presentation I have ever seen.

Back to the Troll hole for you!!!

Yea. Reality bites doesn't it. Tell me what is not what happened that I stated. It's a championship presentation, have some respect and stay around.

Let's see the TV numbers.

Hard to believe only 500 Esks fans made the trip, isn't it.

hey, nobody likes a killjoy and they killed the joy for many of seeing a fairy tale ending to the season :wink:

That's what happens when the majority of Paying fans are cheering for Ottawa, live with it.

Happened in Calgary and Edmonton when the Alouettes won, majority of fans were Rider fans.

Many of the Edmonton fans would have been on the field for the presentation.

Ah, er... no....

To much time wasted waiting for the cup to be handed out. The new commish is terrible and we need better tv people running the show.

People probably left right after the game, probably to catch a flight home, and with the cold weather .

It always seems on this board people just come on here to complain about something . If it's not the riffing it's the fans or TSN or the Comish, etc. etc. Or the size of Chief's TV.