A Little Demographic Crossover Poll

I'm interested to see where the demographics, in terms of East and West, lie in this Crossover Poll. Vote with your head please.

There is a very good chance that the Cats could finish third in the east; but even if they do, they will almost certainly miss the playoffs due to the crossover.

But as disappointed as I would be to see the Cats sit out the post-season again, the Cats really don’t deserve to be there. They may be playing well now, but they took themselves out of the running in the first half of the season. Let the better teams play.

I would say that Ottawa will still have the better record than Hamilton when all things are said and done BigDave.

......as a fan of a team who will more than likely need the crossover now to make the post season I for one am all for it.........this year........I reserve the right to change my answer next year........

(Thanks Hamilton trade gurus!, thanks a freaking lot!! Edmonton says 'geez can we have him and him?' and the HTGs say 'why, sure you can')

Don't forget that all they asked for was a guy who's going to try the NFL again next year, so won't be back till at least mid-season, if at all, and a guy they weren't even using. As I read in some column today, the esks got rid of a db that most fans wouldn't even know played for them. Plus, Edmonton's first round pick next year. Oooohhhh, big deal. So they'll get a pick that most likely will be no better than 5th, and that's probably even a stretch. Especially if Edmonton's O-line gets better with this trade.

On topic however, I've always thought that better teams should be allowed to play in the post season. What reinforces it more is that with only 4 teams in the east, if there was no crossover, all the 3rd place team out east needs to do is be slightly better than the last place team. That (at least lately) really doesn't take too much doing.

Once there are 10 teams, dropping the crossover is something that I would think deserves consideration at least, but until then, it should stay. In my humble opinion anyways.

I dont like the crossover.
Never did
Never will
Here is a good example
MLB National league East the 4th place NY Mets finished with a better record than 1ST place San Diego in the west and did not make the playoffs. They just have to live with it.

NHL 2001-2002
Dallas in the west with 92 points did not make the playoffs while Montreal in the east with 87 did.


Looks like I was editing why Red was posting
I dont like it because for one thing the schedule is unballanced, Even though it is not a good example this year lets say 4th place Hamilton finished 2 points ahead of 3th place Calgary. Why should they make the playoffs when they only had to play BC and Edmonton twice while Calgary played them both 3 times. Not exactly a true measure of which team is better is it?

.....hmmm, ok I guess I see your point, but how else would you handle the ineqity of having divisional standings when one is a 4 team division and the other is a 5 team division?........I mean I see why the crossover is there, but is there a different way to handle it?........have winnipeg flip-flop every year until a tenth team is provided in the east?....maybe.....abandon east-west divisions and rank the teams one to nine with one and two getting byes in the post season and three plays six, four plays five, etc.?.....

I look at the CFL as one conference comprising of two divisions. So just like in hockey the division winners make the playoffs and then after that there is a free for all (within each conference). So in the CFL the top two teams from each division make the playoffs and after that it is a free for all. It's very similiar and helps assure the best teams in the conference make it to the playoffs.

dodn't we have this poll allready?

If I had my way it would go back to the old way with the top three in each division making it. I would understand the crossover if one division had 6 and the other 3 but a 4-5 split in my opinion does not warrant it

Having the top three make it in each division would be great.....if the divisions were balanced. When they're not, teams in one division have a 60% chance of making it, whereas in the other, there's a 75% shot. I'm not a huge fan of the crossover, but I don't really see much of an option with an uneven amount of teams.

I think the crossover is needed. This year is a great example. Position 2-4 of the west are all pretty even in strength. And they are playing the harder teams more. While Ottawa is crapping the bed, and should not be in the playoffs. I think it creates Playoff parity. And doesn't allow a crappy team to enter into the playoffs. But I see your point ro, where it could be the opposite where the better team is knocked out because they had a tougher schedule. But I don't think anyone could deny that if the season ended today, that Ottawa does not deserve to be in the playoffs. And calgary does

Billy is it not too early to be predicting a Calgary cross over?

no, as time goes on that becomes more of a possibly, especilly with burris injury.

KK apparently Burris may be playing in the next game.

This is the Canadian Football League ....not the Western or Eastern Canadian football league...This is a East verses West League ...Hence a East verses West Grey Cup..

I know the divisions are unbalanced....HOPEFULLY a Halifax or Maritimes team will eventually fix that.. and then we will have representation Coast to Coast.

2 western or 2 eastern teams in the Grey Cup would absolutely SUCK

Dentor you may need to sit for this one. I agree with you.

so you want us to lie eh?