A little CFL/NFL history

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The CFL paid Americans double what the NFL was paying.

Exactly why Vince Scott came here in 1949 after a couple of years playing in Buffalo.

And why Carl Voyles was able to bring Sazio, Mazza and others up in 1950.

Not only did they get paid more to play, they received fulltime jobs, if they wanted them. Sazio, for instance, got into insurance and was soon Office Manager of a Hamilton Office.

Winnipeg also benefitted quickly with Bud Grant, Jack Jacobs, et al.

And it was the same story throughout the league. Those were the glory days of the CFL.

Ron interesting article. Maybe you or Wilf might remember the exact criteria for these Americans playing as non-imports. I recall something like a team could select 5 players who had played for 5 yrs with the same team and list them as non-imports. I might be off on the qualifying numbers but I know it allowed us to keep great players like John Barrow and others on those great Cat teams.

You are correct. As I remember it, any American who played for the same team for 5 consecutive years was then considered a non-import.

I don’t recall that there was any limit to the number of players to which this rule could apply. But I don’t believe that any team ever had 5 players to whom it would apply. After all, for the majority of players, 5 years was almost a lifetime in their career.

My strongest recollection of that rule, and its results, was that we retained many fine gentlemen who became good citizens.

Thanks Wilf. I doubt if many on here were around when that rule was in effect. Best of all though, we are able to remember it! Bonus eh? You are right, some wonderful ball players stuck around this league because of this roster eligibility rule.

Personally, I wish they would put that rule back in place, reducing the number of imports allowed on the roster at the same time. That would lead to players sticking with one team for their whole career, as they'd lose their eligibility once they went to another team. It would also mean those long term players would be worth more to a team than a player coming from another team.

The list of import CFL ers who took the money here is a long one. Bernie Faloney being a big one. CDN dollar was worth more than the USD until about 1970- 71. Not surprising lt in got harder to land US college stars after that. Stillwagon, Rodgers and Anthony Davis being some notable exceptions.

Yes and any person from another country that comes here for 5 years can become a Canadian Citizen (NON IMPORT)

and let's not forget that when these American players come up here they have to pay Canadian income Tax, sales tax, CPP, EI they probably contribute more to Canada then a lot of their fans in Hamilton.

Is George Reed one of these candidates or others for that matter?