a little CFL history

This is from the Northern Electric 1956 CFL book, a brief bio of coach Jim Trimble.
First year in Canada for Big Jim who's sometimes called "Tiny".Takes over what might be the toughest job for any coach following Carl Voyles who was real successful with Ticats. Born at McKeesport Pa.now lives at Drexal same state.Star tackle at University of Indiana 1939-41. Did not play in the NFL due to the war. Made many landings in South Pacific Theartre.After war went back to Indiana as assistant to Bo Mac Millan. Went to Wichita Kansas as coach and athletic director. Followed Mac Millan to Philadelphia Eagles.Head coach of Eagles for four years, once coach of the year in NFL.Had a 4-4 record in games against great Cleveland Browns. Employs wide open offense. Third floor of Trimble's home is movie studio for studying football films.Trimbles have five children so always good crowd in studio.

Sadly, Coach (“We’ll Waffle 'Em”) Trimble passed away nearly four years ago in May of 2006.

This article is from a local paper dated Nov.4 1982 Headline:
New Atlantic Team Takes Sea Nickname - Or Does it?
The 10th entry into the Canadian Football League was christened The Atlantic Schnooers on Wednesday and given a logo not unlike the beer brand of the same name, but team officials did not shred any light on the stability of the franchise.Since the team was announced earlier this year, the Maritime Professional Football Club Ltd. has produced a coach, a team name and logo but questions of money and a stadium remain unanswered.Supporters and critics of the 1984 entry into the CFL wonder where the 30,000 seat stadium will be built and who will finance it.One thing is for certain the franchise will get no money from the Nova Scotia government, Premier John Buchanan has said .Nor do federal funds look promising.Cub president John Donoval said at a news conference held to unveil a team name and logo, that an announcement about the stadium "will come in good time...before the year is out."The name Atlantic Schooners was chosen from a among entries in a public contest to name the team.Team officials say there is no connection between the team name and the Schooner brand of beer manufactured by Oland Breweries Ltd. of Halifax.The team logo showing the white silhouette of a schooner and four waves against a blue sky is similar to the beer label.Despite the similarity to the Schooner beer name and label Donoval and club general manager J.J.Albrecht were quick to note that the Oland Brewery has no money in the team.

It was Jim (We'll Waffle Em) Trimble who invented the goal posts now used in the game of football where ever it is played.

The old goal posts had support posts on both sides as opposed to the ones we see now with only one support post extending
from the centre of the cross bar down into the ground. Trimble's idea.

Thanks spikejones that is something I did not know. That is why I started this thread to hear some of the CFL’s or other football history. I did forget to mention in my first post that I rescued that 1956 Northern Electric CFL booklet from a date with a dumpster 15 years ago.For anyone who has never seen one the first page is football on the march , then Grey Cup history,a bio of each head coach, MVP awards from 1928 in the east 1946 in the west, leading scorers,rookies of the years from 1946in the east 1950 in the west,a two page spreads of The Field @ The Players, chalk talks,rule changes, official signals,football terms. Grey Cup winners 1909- 1955, then schedules for The Big 4 East and the Western Interprovinical for 1956.Of course there are ads for a Sylvania TV with exclusive "Halolight"the extra margin of eye comfort.“It’s Right Before Your Eyes”.Also Leonard "Leisure Line"refrigerator and electric range, washer and dryer “for take it easy living”.It was the 50’s,as it says on the cover Northern Electric Company Limited “serves you best”.