A letter from Commissioner Randy Ambrosie to CFL fans, players

It’s quite unreasonable.

This whole 11th hour thing is such a spit in the fans face after everything the fans have been through. It’s disrespect. It’s taking fans for granted. Many like me will boycott or walk in our own way. Yup. These fools just do not get it. You’d think they would. They should know the energy of people-kind now. They do not get the current world it seems It’s like they aren’t watching cancel culture behaviour. If they think CFL fans are not every bit as human as those who walked from Disney or are walking from Twitter. Etc. Then they are fools. The average person is claiming their stake these days. And speaking their displeasure with their pocketbook. The CFL is out to lunch.

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Wherever they go with the rest of the deal, I think these terms are absolutely correct and make for far better game participation rules.

Now for the money part again ...

This is all stuff that comes out the back end of a bull.

It does not in any way address the biggest sticking points the CFLPA has - or even mention them. Add to that the fact the CFL isn't bargaining, just throwing it out saying sign this.

Negotiating in the press is bad business in my opinion. Certainly lowest common denominator tabloid stuff and totally lacks class.

So strike and then mediation possibly. Delayed or shortened season probably.

For the third year in a row.......part of a season, maybe.

I wonder what would if everyone who is tired of this crap phoned Monday to return the season tickets they bought?


Certainly you spell out some of the pitfalls and the frustration well.

On the other hand, we had plenty of posts here a few days ago that the players would just give in at the eleventh hour.

In the concurrent CBA thread, as @Grover points out, we see the players have responded ALSO via a public medium:

Give it a bit more time all.

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CFL fans could be "Idle no More"

Reality is both sides exist at the expense of the fans and both sides are doing quite well.

It would be nice to see increased revenue translate into lower ticket prices and a less expensive night out for the fans but that is the furthest thing from their mind.

Basically sounds like similar to how it was. Players have been down so long that it looks like up to them.

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Negotiate in good faith at the table, not in the press. If we lose the 2022 season, I'm not at all sure that I'll be back as a fan. Plenty of things to do in life besides deal with this nonsense.

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I agree with you except I don't feel all is lost now because a new window is at hand given the prompt response by the players.

I would be less confident if we went into American Memorial Day Weekend with crickets.

They managed a season last year after all, and the obstacles that were there through the spring and summer of 2021 are gone now.

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They want to get revenue off concessions? Who are they going to take that from? The children's charity or other community group?

Mr Ambrosie and most owners, while many of the points you have included in your “final offer” look fair on the surface when you put it out to try to improve your image, but you fail to remember that the CFLPA and members also have voices and they are asking for their health to be considered and valued. You have failed to mention anything you are doing to keep them safe and are removing elements from the current contract that have actually reduced injuries (reduced # of padded practices). The players are ready - they want to play for you and for us, the fans. You, the owners and Mr. Ambrosie (your face/voice) act like you are the only party interested in getting football back on the field and us back in your stands. Put down your keyboard and LISTEN!!! CFLPA accuses CFL leadership of forcing 'unnecessary work stoppage' by using 'authoritarian' negotiation tactics - 3DownNation


Agreed. The devil is in the details. What does an "opportunity" to share in revenue mean unless you can audit the revenues? Appealing to the fans is a cheap shot. Sit down & work it out.


Well said. Agreed. I dare the players to challenge the owners to adhere to the same price control on tickets for fans as the increases they offered the players year over year for seven years. I absolutely dare the owners to make that promise to ticket sales. PlaYers, please say, “If you do that, then you have a deal.” Of course the owners won’t. Call their bluff. Fricking deceitful liars.


Pretty sure the Bombers run their own concessions. Could even be some non arms length stuff going on there as well.

Either way concessions are just something to distract them from something else they really don't want to share like gambling revenue.

Excluding Grey Cup revenue and even only giving 20% tells me they are chasing every nickel. Someone needs to design a new coffin with pouches on the sides for the money some people think they can take with them.

Does this mean the each year players collectively will earn an extra $5.94 million for their public appearances? Anyone know what the current amount paid for this is?

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I would certainly welcome the CFLPA to put out a similar letter confronting Ambrosie on each point and what their terms might be. Time for the bargaining to go public and the public (CFL community) to be judge 'n jury.
But here's one point Ambrosie listed thats absolutely ridiculous - even for a low IQ soldier like Randy -
"A starting Canadian quarterback would count as a National (Canadian)"


Well to be fair, that's a point of clarification for those who undoubtedly will ask or fire off with a criticism we all have heard before who have been following for years.

Otherwise, the CFLPA did as you stated already, as noted here, linked above, and in the concurrent CBA thread. I realize you might still be playing catch-up with the news of course.

But isn't that last point a new addition? I thought previously that Canadian QBs would not be counted toward the National ratio.


You are probably right. But isn't that the height of stupidity?

  • When a Canadian doesn't count as a Canadian because he can play a specialized position???

Randy has stated a load of wandering generalities. I for one call upon him to state some meaningful specifics!

btw - with attendance down in most CFL centres I can't see this players strike lasting more than 3 to 5 days.
CFL teams can't afford to lose game-day, concession & parking revenues to a preventable stand-off.
PLAN B - (for Randy & gang) if the stand-off goes longer than everyone thinks, is contracting the season to 16 games. Don't think anyone will notice cuz the first 3 or 4 games of the season are basically sloppily-played exhibition games that have points in the standings attached.

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Yes! I never understood the point of counting QBs separately from the ratio.

I think the roster/ratio rules should make no mention of QBs at all: min 20 Canadians, max 23 Americans, 2 Globals. Let the coaches decide how many QBs are dressed, just as they do for any other position.