A letter from Commissioner Ambrosie to Atlantic Canadians

Dear Atlantic Canadians:

On behalf of the entire Canadian Football League, I want to tell you how thrilled we are to be back here in Atlantic Canada.

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Great sale message to Atlantic Canada by the Commissioner - Randy Ambrosie ! I sure hope that those fans down there find a way to get a stadium built so that a team can join the CFL. Everyone benefits from a balanced 5 Western & 5 Eastern division.

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Keep banging that drum, Randy. We've been hearing it for a long time now. I'd love to see it happen, but I must admit to getting a little jaded by now. I'm hoping it's not just a pipe dream.

Expansion talk has been going on even before the first Atlantic Schooner's conditional franchise was awarded in 1982... more than 40 years ago. Unfortunately folks this is never going to happen without a major player... like an Irving Group... being involved who has the political influence to actually get a stadium built. Local governments... and local thinking provincial governments get blinded by the cost and fail to see the economic benefits. Income and sales tax revenue generated by the construction of a works project like building a stadium ... plus the ripple effect of money being spent throughout the economy during the life of the project results in an immediate return of about 30% of the overall cost.

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yes well said! the CFL has struggled for so long now! with so many things its time to move on to something new!!

This Atlantic "expansion" has been going for some 50 years !!
Knock it off or Just Do It - and NOT in the next 2 decades.
Next Year.
So Tired of this schpeal - we will ALL be dead waiting for this to happen or not happen.

Wow, surprised with so much negativity. Certain things are necessary (as some mentioned) for this to happen but can't see why it won't. For the life of me, can't understand how some people haven't embraced this amazing league. Suppose for some, they will always find an excuse rather than support but I'd suggest that there is nothing more Canadian than the CFL and look forward to this league flourishing for years to come.

yes exacly ive been waiting since 1983! I just can't be botherd anymore about exspanion. I switched to the XFL

Atlantic Canada would love to see a team and a stadium in the next 2 to 3 years. Nova Scotia government and businesses (Sobeys, Irving) need to step forward and make this happen.

Commissioner Ambrosie, if we get the stadium built, can you GUARANTEE we will host the Grey Cup in our 2nd or 3rd year of playing in the league? This could possibly help sway the government to help kick in if they know some economic benefits will be returned in the short-term.

I bet you would get the next open year for the Grey Cup. It’s what the league needs. Yes it appears private money is the only way this is going to happen. Welcome aboard!

I guess Ambrosie has stirred the pot with his letter. In the past he has talked about a 12 team league. Maybe it’s time to look at these other areas he has in mind.

Schooners franchise is sinking

Was it ever a float to begin with?

Might be better to focus on Moncton and find a way to upgrade and expand the stadium.

Would be quite the stat for the Schooners to relocate before even playing a down :slight_smile:

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Schooners ownership group not participating in Touchdown Atlantic due to expansion uncertainty - 3DownNation

Smart move on SSE's part.

This part from Drummond is key

“We just haven’t got things firmly in place to the point where we should make statements in public,” Drummond said."

Seems like the group has learned their lesson from the LeBlanc days


Did Randy go down with his ship? All good captains are supposed to.

Nah , it could like the Titanic with the commish bailing before it sinks.

Ambrosie is full of it. The Als play at McGill Stadium, a university pitch. Why can't a Halifax team do the same until a new stadium is built. He has to be replaced with a comish who has the balls to get things done. Expand or Resign

Too many unknowns here. The Schooner Sports and Entertainment group hasn't been heard from in a while now. They didn't get behind the last TD Atlantic in an official capacity. I have heard that the CFL is starting from scratch in Halifax.

Ambrosie is just a figurehead. He does what the owners tell him to do. He is the "Jack Tunney" of the CFL and if he resigned, they would hire another stooge. Getting rid of Ambrosie is akin to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. The Schooners best chance is to start their franchise in Moncton. Halifax is a dumpster fire of epic proportions and it's going to take a while for it to sort itself out.


Not sure if dumpster fire is a good analogy. To me it seems more like a slowly dying bunch of embers, even the smoke is slowly drifting away. We haven't anything in how long? Not a good sign.

Just because the Halifax mayor isn't front and centre in the media that doesn't mean that something isn't happening (in the form of dialogue) behind the scenes. CFL is hardly ever honest about what it is doing, with the fans. Communication isn't their strong suit. I'm not surprised that we haven't heard anything lately. Last I heard the two sides were trying to agree on the size of the stadium. CFL wants a 26kish stadium and Halifax wanted a smaller one. If we don't hear anything in the next two years then I would think that Halifax won that battle and the CFL whimpered off. However, I'm expecting some news in the off-season because selling the idea of neutral site games is in the CFL's best interest.

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