a kinda strange thing to hear

lancaster brought down by obilivich

and I cant remember the last time I heard a penalty for piling on.


ever heard of espn classic :wink:

Yup, heard of it. Not sure about the obscure reference though. Are we to presume that people who have the channel can get a replay of an old game in which an O’Bilovich team beat a Lancaster team? Or is this in reference to something else described on the network?

If it’s a game then - since you are commenting upon it - might you reference it for us? Year?

Or maybe it’s a reference to the mid/late 70’s when - for a time I believe - both men were on the Rider coaching staff together. Did thay have a spat, perhaps?

I don’t really get the use of the :wink: which, in contexts, seems to suggest that you are trying to exhibit some degree of superiority. Golly gee whilikers, FYB. Just say what you mean for us poor ignorant folks.

Again, I ask, “?” What are you talking about, if you would, kind sir?

Sorry, forgot to wear my clarivoyance hat today. Will require some explanation of WTF this thread is about.

Can I get me one of those? It would sure help on this board, sometimes.

Don't mind FYB. He's old and sometimes forgets things, like how to communicate properly. :wink:


With a Sasquatch?

O'bilovich once played LB for Ottawa...
that the the new nickname for Messam is; J-Ro

so you all need to be spoonfed like children eh.

The 66 grey cup was on between ottawa and sask. Obie tackled lancaster, in the words of the pbp person, he brought him down.

Anyone who didnt get that I was reffering to obie tackling lancaster is lacking brain cells. After all, this is the cfl forum, not OTHER.

Dear FYB,

My friend, you appear to cranky this evening.. Lacking the requisite knowledge that you were watching a particular event, we could only speculate as to what was going on in your head.

Yes, it appeared that you were referring to a tackle... sometime... somewhere. Is it both common knowledge and a definitive fact that this was the only time in the overlap of their playing careers that O'Bilovich tackled Lancaster.

I've been around the CFL for over 50 years and the knowledge isn't common for me. However, I may be getting forgetful. Do YOU know for sure that this was the only time that this happened?

Remember, you didn't tell us what game you were watching. That snippet of critical information would have prevented this from ever becoming controversial.

Methinks that tonight you are a bit too willing to dismiss others by using comments such as "spoonfed" when perhaps you might consider that you neglected to provide the context for your comments.

See you on the Boards,


Wow, you're old....

When nobody but you understands WTF you're talking about, the problem is your lack of communication skills and not that everybody else "is lacking brain cells".

Sorry but I got it right away. Pretty much a no brainer , unless you're 15 yo or younger.

Last year. Argo's took the penetly. Bullshit call if you ask me.

Stamp- You knew which specific game that he was referring to? Do you have all the games from the 60's memorized? Just asking.

So I'm supposed to remember things that happened before I was born? Alright then....

You think this is 1981, don't you?

(No Ian Curtis, don't kill yourself, the music world needs you.....aw.... :frowning: )

I "got", what I don't get is why is it significant. Now if you said Lancaster brought down by Pajaczkowski, that would be significant.