A.J. Harris Released

The Edmonton Eskimos have released RB A.J. Harris as they "made a commitment" when signing Lumsden to play him at that position. http://www.edmontonsun.com/Sports/Eskim ... 6-sun.html
I hope they realize this is captain sick bay they're talking about.

A.J. Harris would be a good pick-up, he’s not someone we should overlook. Then we’d have 4 quality RB’s. And 3 unproven RB’s.

Kind of a shock.If the cats pick him up that would be a wise move.I think the Ti-cats are the team to watch this year,and im not even a cats fan.

Can't argue with that logic. Definatley worth a good long look at.

Cant understand why the Eskimos would release him?

The Eskies are digging their own grave if they trade the guy who is supposed to backup Lumsden. Lumsden WILL GET HURT, and the Eskies will need an experienced guy to take his place when that happens.

The only logic I see in this move is that Edmonton already has a deal in place to move up in the draft so they can take Jamal Lee.

Would release my mother to pick up Jamall lee

Good chance Jamall Lee will end up riding the pines in the NFL. I wonder what Obie is thinking right now ? :frowning:

Interesting news.

A.J. Harris beat out Jesse Lumsden for a practice roster position with the Washington Redskins in 2006. Now Harris has been released by the Eskimos because they are going with Lumsden and McCarty. Maybe the winds of fate will bring Harris to the Ticats.

Who ever wants to pickup Harris better move fast because he wont be sitting around very long.

I'm not gunna lie to you guys, the Argos will probably end up signing him as they're pretty desperate for a RB atm and we're just seeking 1 just for the sake of have 4 good RB's to add depth.

The fact that Harris is known to the Argo coaching staff due to his time in NFLE may also take him to Toronto.

The Eskimos are going with an All-Canadian backfield this year with Lumsden, McCarty, Bertrand, and Bell, so an import like Harris would just complicate things. Any other RB's they bring in will just be camp bodies or projects.

Jamal Lee will end up in Toronto.

if you recall the ticat tv draft profile of jamal lee, obie would turn him into a fullback... the fastest, most athletic graduating senior running back in north america, would be a full back (a jeff piercy, cory hathaway type ... no offence to those guys, or those kinds of guys).
unless, of course, obie is being his usual tricky, clever, inscrutable self, and actually has an interest in lee.
(The problem with canadian running backs is that after your starter you need another good one — for example, lumsden and mccarty in edmonton. we have that second good back already, and he's never had a chance: andre sadeghian. all we would need now is jamal lee.
perhaps the jesse lumsden experience has soured the tiger-cats on canadian feature backs, particularly how your game plan and personnel plans go out the window if your canadian starter is hurt, and hurt a lot.

Ithink we should pick up every running back available. Imagine having 12 quality running backs! We could rotate them every other play and they'd never get tired. :twisted:

And yes, I am being sarcastic.

It's only April and I'm bored. But he maybe be a good signing. Is he Canadian?

naw, he’s import that’s that whole reason he got booted. Not because he’s garbage by any means.