A.J. gets to play this week too!

I realize this is "Ticats" forum, but since most of you are fans of the CFL in general I thought I would point out a little tidbit!

Our good friend A.J. Gass has decided to have an independant arbitrator review the CFL's decision to suspend him for his helmet tossing incident.

So not only did he get to play against our beloved Ticats, he now gets to play against the division rival Roughriders and then wait until after the bye week to finally serve his suspension!

Edmonton linebacker fights suspension

Am I the only one who thinks this whole situation is ridiculous and makes the league look like a joke?

A.J. acted like a lunatic on the field and the league can't even enforce a suspension on him!

  • paul

All Hail the Power of the CFLPA. Do we know anybody in Media Relations? lol

The moron can't even own up to his own stupidity.

Just crazy!
Why they couldn't have had the appeal settled last week is beyond me.
He threw an opponents helmet 30 yards. It is on video. Suspension. End of story.
Appeal??? Appeal what??? There should have to be grounds on which to appeal.
Next we will have ejected players allowed to play the game out if they disagree with the call.


So typical of today's 'social conscience' which dictates that those in power must bend over backwards to ensure the rights of the individual.

Whatever happened to the correct view of wrong behaviour?

The only right attitude in this, as in the larger aspect is..."You know the rules. You broke them. Pay up...NOW"

I don't think this is about social conscience or rights and I don't think for a minute that Gass or anyone in the Edmonton organization believes there are grounds for an appeal. This is about using loopholes to keep Gass in the lineup until other in injured players are healthy enough to play. It's too bad that Hamilton could not use the same tactic, deferring a previous P.I. call on one of their opponents to be used when it could really help. Like at the end of the Edmonton game when the one that should be called wasn't. LOL

Paul - I don't see the big deal with throwing the opponents helmet.

Kyle Turley

Hellcats football rulez!!!!!!

Total B.S he should'nt have played against us and that could have been the difference with jesse taking some long runs instead of 2 of gass's shoestring tackles.

when they review it they should give him a game for every game he has played in sense his suspension

This makes the CFL look like a joke!

So what happens if a player gets suspended right before the playoffs? Can he appeal and play in the Western/Eastern final and then the Grey Cup and then serve his suspension at the start of the next season?!?!

This is brutal!

could be worse it could be baseball a player gets suspended in june and can appeal his suspension until the next time theyre in ny which could be in september could play close to 90 games efore his appeal

Or the NHL, who suspended Bertuzzi for a year, knowing full well it was going to be a lockout year. Translate that to this situation and you'd have Gass serving his suspension by not playing during the Western bye week.

Bertuzzi missed all of the playoffs though. So at least he actually had to serev a suspension.

Or how about Mark Bell of the Leafs getting jail time...but not until after the season! What's up with that! That's the most ridiculous one I've heard.

From TSN:
"Bell was sentenced to six months in jail after pleading no contest to drunk driving with injury and hit-and-run charges"

If he can play the whole season before going to jail, I guess AJ Gass is never going to serve his one game.

Not sure why all the upset, I think Gass is a jerk, but even jerks have the right to due process.

He has had “undue” process. Suspension appealed and upheld (after playing in the game he would have been sitting out). Now he wants an independant arbitration, which could take 20 days. How many chances do you give this f***tard for throwing another player’s helmet 30 FRICKIN’ YARDS???

What we are finding fault with is the 'due process' that created this farce.

What you call 'due process' is an arbitrary rule set up by the league to ensure that those in charge cannot make a decision that is final. Any yahoo who knowingly breaks a rule can postpone the inevitable by delay tactics. Surely fairness dictates that there are rules...you break the rules...you pay the penalty...PERIOD

How exactly does an appeal and an arbritation system make the CFL a bush league?
Why is it that everytime something happens that people dont like......it comes down to Bush league?

I think the reason may be found in the article below! And here are some of my thoughts on the matter:

So essentially the league has lost its power to suspend players because that is what this case has shown. So if I was a player, I could go out and do something ridiculous, say like say spearing someone late and injure them, or chuck a helmet all over the field; the league can suspend me, and I can use the appeal process that is currently in place to ensure I continue to play.

Canoe Sports: An appealing thought

It seemed to work fine for Bobby Singh!

Oh well! I wonder what would happen if A.J. Gass did something outrageous or injured someone in one of these games that he wasn't supposed to be playing in?

I guess we will find out ... :wink:

  • paul

I think Maciocia missed his calling as a spin doctor. Perhaps the Eskimos could find better use for him in their PR department.